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Matalan Autumn Haul

I t feels wrong to be writing this post while wearing a bikini, holding a cocktail, lathered in carrot oil and sat by the pool in Turkey but I've been reading a book about blogging and only a few pages in, I've found the sudden urge to write a post that I saved as a draft over a month ago.. finally. Anyone who knows me knows I love Autumn.. dark nails, dark lips, cosy nights in.. oh, and a whole new wardrobe. This is why I was so over excited about a month ago when I went into Matalan on the day of their new launch! I'd had some holiday pay after leaving my job so I thought I'd treat myself to some new bits ready for the new season. There was SO much to choose from and I was so surprised at the massive variety of perfect clothing outfit ideas they had on display. I must've spent over an hour walking around the store but managed to pick a few staple items for my new Autumn wardrobe.. a shirt, a skirt, a new bag (which I've become obsessed with!)