4 Rants About The World We Live In

So I've kinda wanted to write a little ranting blog for a while now but I know it's not my sort of style.. it's not a post that normally comes from me but in the mission of starting to be more open and honest and a little different on this blog, I thought I'd use to talk about everything that has been bugging me lately I need someone to tell me it's not just me.. it's not just me that thinks this world is a crazy place. Lately so many things have happened that have questioned so many aspects of society that I don't even know where to start... 

Six Year Old Fashion Worries
A few weeks ago I was on the phone to my six year old Sister who was telling me that she had a party at that weekend and continued to tell me all the friends of her's who were going but she then said "but X isn't coming because she doesn't have any heels". They are SIX years old. Why should a six year old be worried, or even worse, not even go to a party with food, dancing and party games, about anything that they're wearing let alone heels? It makes you worry about what they're watching on TV or in films to actually not want to go to a party just because they've not got a pair of heels. At the age of six they should be excited about lessons in school or playing with friends.. not what they should be wearing and I hope that if I ever have a girl, I make sure I bring her up knowing that.

The Fear In The World
There's so much going on in this world right now, it's not surprising my anxiety took a hit when I went to Turkey last week. You can't turn on the TV or open a newspaper or even go on social media without seeing that somewhere in the world is in trouble with people being killed or held hostage or being blown up. I was surprised how anxious I let myself get.. whether it was because it was Turkey it was hard to say but it didn't help with the super high level of security. Now I know that it's important to have on-point security but it was almost too much as it was so in your face and everywhere you looked. You had to show your Hotel Key Card to even enter the hotel from the hotel's private beach and there was constantly police pacing the beach as well as police by the Life Guard stand. Even with all of these, I still found myself saying to Nick "let's not sit on the front row of sun loungers" secretly thinking "if I'm going to get shot it'll be ok the front row". What has the world come to when even choosing a sun lounger on
A beach on holiday is chosen like that?

Forever a Teenage Mother
A girl I know of who had a baby as a teenager is pregnant again at the age of 25. She's smoked and drank her way through her pregnancy and now at 30 weeks she's having problems with the baby, having to have baby injected while still inside her, the babies weight being less than 50% what it should be. Despite feeling unbelievably sorry for that poor baby, I'm half in the thought of "it serves herself right". My family have already been through IVF and one of my best friends has recently battled IVF to have a baby.. why should she get away with treating her baby like that, and clearly thinking it's OK in this day and age, when it can surely feel the pain it's being put through because of her carelessness when there are the people who want to have a baby and would put themselves through and do anything it takes to have one. 

Being Fat-Shamed
I see so much online and on social media about fat shaming and from people who have had abuse from other people for their weight or looks and I naively just though "surely no one would ever say anything to upset someone else when it comes to how they look. Oh how wrong.. never in my life has anyone ever mentioned my yo-yo weight to me (other than the standard "you look like you've lost weight" etc) and no one has ever told me I looked fat or over weight! But a few weeks ago I came face to face with a drunken *bleep bleep* who, despite me trying to help, took it out on me, shouted and screamed until they eventually gave up and walked away.. but not before telling me to "go fuck off and lose some weight". I kept my cool the whole way through her screaming but just this sentence.. not even the "go fuck off" part.. left me in tears and a total mess for over half an hour and put me off for days with my weight being a huge battle that I'm currently dealing with.. I was telling Katy (over at www.thelilacscrapbook.com) on Twitter about it and as most people might, she presumed the person in question was a bloke.. again.. wrong. It was a woman. 

For one woman to tell another woman to lose weight, despite being drunk, is the lowest I've ever felt, the most shocked I've ever been. Women are meant to support each other and be there for each other.. as cliche as it sounds! 


Is it just me? Am I the only one worried about the world we live in? The way we are bringing children into the world and letting them think? Why should you have to go on holiday worried that you're going to get hurt?



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