Empties: Winter Candles

OK so this is only about 1/8 of the candles I went through over Christmas but the rest were the large Yankee candles and got in the way when they were empty so we chucked them but yes.. as you can guess, I went through a shitload of candles as always over the the run up to Christmas.

As everyone does, I had my favourites that return each year; the Yankee Candle Red Apple Wreath and Christmas Cookie were returns to 2016 as well as a mini Snowflake Cookie that I had left over from 2015. A Woodwick return was Fireside which I found cheap in TKMaxx as it didn't have a lid. Talking of WoodWick, I also picked up the Pineapple WoodWick early Autumn time in the sale but it actually didn't smell as fruity as I expected and had more of a cocktail smell so I kept it for the cocktail season - plus the sound of the crackling is just perfect for cosy nights in!

This Christmas Boots brought out their own candles again but 2016 whooped 2015's arse. The Spiced Apple Crumble candle is stunning and has a wonderful baking smell yet isn't too sweet due to the apple cutting through. But the Boots winner is hands down, Christmas Pudding. This one seemed to smell stronger and last longer too but the beautiful blend of cinnamon, ginger and just "Christmas" all rolled into a £5 candle (on 3 for 2 too!) was definitely the start of a new "return each year" candle relationship..

But this winter my favourite candle of all was just £1.. yes.. ONE POUND! From Tesco too of all places - Frosted Gingerbread. I don't know how many of these I went through, easily 5+! They're only small so don't last the longest but as they're only £1 (yep, bet you're still in shock) I didn't mind purchasing a new one every week. They also did other festive scents but this was the one I repurchased.

As much as I love candles, I'm trying to make the most of using them now as there's something that doesn't feel right about burning them throughout the Summer! I guess the cold, winter nights have their perks afterall.


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