Wowcher Holidays: Worth the Risk?

Oh England.. how I'd like to not be back with you! If I could've stayed in Spain I would have but unfortunately life beckons. But yes, we've just got back from Malaga in Spain after a week away for a rest which was perfect and very much needed, but people have been really shocked when I've said or Tweeted that I brought the week stay in the apartment for just £25! 

I've never been on a holiday that I've brought on Wowcher or Groupon online but I loved it, there was nothing different than booking a normal holiday so I thought I'd put any minds at rest for if you're thinking of doing the same. It's not conventional to book a holiday this way and I can see why people would be nervous.. I definitely was and was a bit worried we'd turn up and it would be like the hotel in the Inbetweeners with the dead dog outside (but not a dead dog in sight). Before I purchased it I Googled the resort and went on TripAdvisor and they had fantastic reviews.. over and over again it was 5* after 5*, a lot of people mentioned they'd brought the week stay on Wowcher and there was so many that I couldn't not buy it. It was £25, worse come to worse I cancel or change my mind and I lose £25. Not a massive deal. The only time I got nervous was when I got an email saying they're fully booked the week I wanted but they had full apartments with a kitted out kitchen but it would be an extra £125. In my head I was just like “scam” and upon arriving, it's clear that it was a bit of a scam as there's no one here. I bet only 10% of the resort is taken (standard this time of year) but once I saw the apartment, I'm actually glad we upgraded. The apartment itself if amazing with a. Fully fitted kitchen with oven and even a washing machine which was ideal as we don't get any of the meals included.

We quickly learnt the exact reason why they had put the sale on Wowcher after we got invited to a meeting and lunch with an “agency” who were basically trying to sell us a time share and they said they used Wowcher as a Marketing tool to get the people here in the first place. A bit sneaky, but very clever marketing.. plus even though we said no, we got a free lunch. I'm sure a lot of companies would work like this and I'm sure that a lot of the time it works. 

The details on Wowcher were pretty accurate.. 15 minute drive from the hotel, 5 minute walk from the beach and from the strip of bars and restaurants so there's no reason I wouldn't book on Wowcher or Groupon again.. looking now I can see that there's weekends away to Rome, Prague, Iceland or longer holidays like Vegas, Spain or even weeks in the U.K. In Cornwall or Scotland. It was ideal for us as it meant that even with 15 months between purchasing and going, we had enough time to decide if we definitely wanted to go plus t gave us time to keep an eye on flight prices as we had to get these separately.


There wasn't really any bad sides of booking a holiday this way apart from the clear “we only have apartments” scam so I'd absolutely recommend checking our Wowcher for cheap getaway deals and I hope this has given everyone a new scope for choosing your travels. 


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