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Wowcher Holidays: Worth the Risk?

Oh England.. how I'd like to not be back with you! If I could've stayed in Spain I would have but unfortunately life beckons. But yes, we've just got back from Malaga in Spain after a week away for a rest which was perfect and very much needed, but people have been really shocked when I've said or Tweeted that I brought the week stay in the apartment for just £25!  I've never been on a holiday that I've brought on Wowcher or Groupon online but I loved it, there was nothing different than booking a normal holiday so I thought I'd put any minds at rest for if you're thinking of doing the same. It's not conventional to book a holiday this way and I can see why people would be nervous.. I definitely was and was a bit worried we'd turn up and it would be like the hotel in the Inbetweeners with the dead dog outside (but not a dead dog in sight). Before I purchased it I Googled the resort and went on TripAdvisor and they had fantastic reviews.. ove