Vlogging FAIL: Confession

So yes.. I have a confession.

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you'll see I started vlogging last week.. yes.. VLOGGING! I can barely keep up this blog yet alone a VLOG! I did really well for 2 days and blogged little bits and pieces getting ready for our weekend away (definitely a number of blog posts to come on this!) and pottering around the flat...

BUT... Even though I kept it up for a couple of days, I felt like an absolute idiot despite being on my own (purposely only Vlogged when no one else was around as I feel like a dick).. I even felt I had to put on make up and have a glass of wine to make myself more relaxed. I didn't feel comfortable Vlogging even when alone so when it came to Nick finishing work and being out in public, what chance did I have? I constantly walked around with my camera in the hope the courage would come from somewhere but it just didn't. I felt like an idiot and I felt like a failure. I was SO excited and so determined that this was the perfect opportunity and perfect weekend to Vlog but when it came to actually doing it, it was a different story entirely.


I don't know. I can't put my finger on it. I didn't even watch any of it back.

Maybe it was fear that I'd look fat on camera? Or sound like an idiot as I hate the sound of my own voice. Maybe it was even the fear that no one would watch and it would be pointless.

I'm so annoyed with myself after buying such an expensive camera then not using it for the original purpose. I've decided I want to start with the odd sit down video and ease in from there.. Nick is always pushing me to film stuff and do videos as he knows how much I love them.. I've watched some of my favourites for years and they're the reasons I even blog, let alone want to vlog... Fleur De Force, The Anna Edit, Saccone Jolys, JesssFam... I know they all had to start somewhere but I don't know what that start is for me but I'm hoping in time it'll come to me.

If you Vlog or do videos, please please please Tweet or comment below on the first videos you did, where you started and any advice.

Always appreciated.

Sarah xox


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