Newcastle Highlights

Back in July me and Nick went to Newcastle as part of his surprise birthday "holiday".. I call it a holiday but it really wasn't, it wasn't even a break as we barely stopped the whole time we were away. But I arranged a 5 day "holiday" for Nick that he literally had no clue about, starting off in Newcastle where we'd then get a mini-cruise to Amsterdam! 

I've never been to Newcastle but I absolutely loved it and already can't wait to go back - there was such a variety of things to see and places to go with a brilliant town centre. Plus - THEY HAD UBERS. Which for most people means nothing but Uber's just made the whole 3 days in Newcastle so much easier when it came into going into town and coming home. 

On the way to Newcastle we had to make a stop at the Angel of The North and of course take a photo - it was so random, I didn't know what to expect but it was on the side of a main road not in the middle of nowhere which I kinda thought it would be. And yes, it's huge and took me SO LONG walking around trying to get the perfect selfie. It was great to read about though and even a little emotional looking through the memorial area. 

We stayed at The Cornerhouse hotel which is actually above a Flaming Grill as it meant we got Greene King staff discount (boom) and it was lovely, cheap and cheerful but nicer than a standard plain Travelodge! It was just out of the centre but I preferred that. We got Uber's back and forth and ended up finding some of my new favourite places...

As soon as we found out there was a Brewdog in Newcastle of course Nick just had to go and check it out. Now, I'm not really a beer or Ale fan but the Newcastle Brewdog was hands down one of my favourite places in the whole of Newcastle.. they had their own Gin as well as a Gin beer (legit not a clue about their official names!). We even had a Pizza which was beyond amazing and proper home made.. we were in our element. I even got excited when I went into the Loo and there was some gorgeous artwork on the wall... definitely Pinterest worthy! We went a couple of times while we were in the area and it's definitely made me want to visit even more Brewdog Bars. 

A few of my favourite bars (I have clearly forgotten the names of) but a particular favourite was the Rum Bar opposite.. the decor was crazy cool with Animal Busts on the wall and stunning bottle and glass displays behind the bar. It seemed like it was quite fancy but we felt so relaxed.. And Nick had found his happy place with BrewDog while I found my favorite.. The Botanist! As stunning as ever with the most beautiful cocktails.. and even a good view over Newcastle.

The second night we ate in Longhorns BBQ steak house after trying to get s table in a couple of Steakhouses and not wanted to wait an hour but it was definitely for the best.. the food was INSANE! We both had a platter and shared them both and my effing god, it was amazing. Epic beyond words. It's not fancy and it's not posh and you eat on bar stalls off a metal tray but hands down better than any steak house around there! 

I loved my 3 days in Newcastle as there was so much to do and we definitely need to go again to bar crawl the areas we didn't go to but for now... it's nice looking back at how much we enjoyed it!

Ps - I'd better include this photo of Nick as this was his personal favourite moment of the whole of his life, let alone week! 


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