Zoella Jelly & Gelato Range

I can't ever remember doing any blog posts for any of the Zoella range before despite picking up pretty much everything she's brought out but there's something about this range.. and the fact I've been desperate to blog again, that made me think to pull up the laptop and have a scribble.

I first smelt the range the day it came out and in all honesty I wasn't too sure so when I went into Superdrug again this week I decided to give it another go. I still wasn't 100% taken by the smell of the perfume but I did end up buying a few bits while they were on 3 for 2 and I had my student discount card.

I wore the perfume the day after I got it and it did eventually grow on me (and Nick - who wasn't a fan either to start with) but after it settled we both agreed we liked it and it was a perfect Summer scent. What I love is that it lasts - the scent lasts so long, longer than some of the most expensive perfumes I've brought. The scent in the Shower Shake and the Body Pudding is lasting as well which is really impressive for it's price band. The Body Pudding is certainly a new favourite body product as the feel it leaves on your skin is just heavenly - it sinks in to the skin with ease and doesn't leave that horrible oily feel on your body.

If you know me you know I am the biggest SUCKER for bath bombs, bath oils, bath salts, bath anything really so when I saw the Bath Wafers (SO CUTE) I had to try them. When I first got them out the packet I didn't think they'd do a lot as they didn't seem overly fancy but after I got out the bath I realised how freaking soft my skin was! The Wafers melted away easily and didn't leave any random lumps floating around the bath. The smell again makes your bathroom smell wonderful.

So general first impressions weren't striking me but after giving the products a real go, and even though the original scent is still my favourite scent of the range, I'm definitely a fan! This is by far my favourite packaging of anything Zoe's brought out as I love the font and it's definitely a bit more modern and grown up. It's perfect for Summer and even though it's relatively cheap, it feels like a right good luxurious treat! I'd definitely give them ago while they're on 3 for 2 in Superdrug.


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