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Primark and HM Clothes Haul: Work Wear

So as I'm moving pubs, I thought I'd treat myself to a few new treats to wear at work and buy some new Autumn/Winter clothing pieces ready for the next few months. I purely aimed to go just to Primark but I have to go through H&M in Shrewsbury to get to Primark and saw that all of their sale items were on 3 for 2... well, that was all I needed. I've never really shopped properly at H&M before - I've been in but never really paid attention so I was SO surprised at how many goodies I managed to find at such a good price as well as being on 3 for 2.  So from H&M I got some "basics" including a black and red simple dress for just over tights under a nice blazer as well as possibly my favourite item of them all - a really cute, grey, pinstripe pinafore for over a black jumper. I really loved this as I thought it could be mixed with so many outfits. Speaking of black jumpers... I brought a black jumper, simple with ruffles on the top but nothing fan

We're on the Move - Part 1: Goodbye Shrewsbury...

Yep... that's right... Goodbye Shrewsbury. After 3 years being in this wonderful, beautiful town, it's time to move on. We've had 3 years managing a pub here but we're soon off to live in Clevedon in Somerset to manage another pub there. It's been such a rollercoaster of a 3 years but I can honestly say, hand on heart, I've already shed tears at the thought of leaving. Even though I don't, in all honesty, have a lot to say goodbye to here, the odd things, or people that I do have to say goodbye to, have been a huge part of my life here and I will miss them entirely. I didn't really know what to post about so I think I'm just going to go through my highlights of my last 3 years.. my favourite places to go, my favourite things to see, my favourite people. Peach Tree/Havana There's been a lot of cocktails, bars and meals out over the last 3 years but nowhere quite beats "the perfect night out" like cocktails at Havana followed by

Lenor Unstoppables: LIFE HACK

So this is a bit of a random one but my new found life hack couldn't be posted on my blog! I just had to share my amazement in the Lenor Unstoppables... but probably not for the reason you expect. I went shopping with my friend a few weeks ago and saw that they were on offer in Wilkos and got quite amused over the fact that you can squeeze the bottle and air will come out the top with the smell of the "beads". I picked up a couple of different scents while they were discounted to about £3 instead of around £6-8 depending where you shop. But the main reason I brought them is a because of a little advice Laura gave me... sprinkle them over your carpet, hoover them up and abracadabra... just like magic, your carpet is cleaner than ever and the whole room smells delightful... delightful.. lovely word that (that's the inner Miranda in me coming out). All you need to do is just sprinkle a few here and there and hoover them up. I concentrate on the area around the g