Lenor Unstoppables: LIFE HACK

So this is a bit of a random one but my new found life hack couldn't be posted on my blog! I just had to share my amazement in the Lenor Unstoppables... but probably not for the reason you expect.

I went shopping with my friend a few weeks ago and saw that they were on offer in Wilkos and got quite amused over the fact that you can squeeze the bottle and air will come out the top with the smell of the "beads". I picked up a couple of different scents while they were discounted to about £3 instead of around £6-8 depending where you shop.

But the main reason I brought them is a because of a little advice Laura gave me... sprinkle them over your carpet, hoover them up and abracadabra... just like magic, your carpet is cleaner than ever and the whole room smells delightful... delightful.. lovely word that (that's the inner Miranda in me coming out). All you need to do is just sprinkle a few here and there and hoover them up. I concentrate on the area around the guinea pigs cages which gets covered in sawdust and hay!

I tried it for the first time and holy crap on a cracker.... I've never seen my carpet so clean after hovering and as for the smell.. you can smell the wonderful scents coming up the stairs in the pub. I have of course used them for their own purpose and yes, my clothes smell lovely blah blah blah, but I can't get over the difference it makes on my carpet when I have horrific red carpet running through every single room (not by choice) and having 5 guinea pigs - all of which have white or ginger fur which gets everywhere. We seem to have a carpet that just traps everything that gets on it but there's something about the beads that helps the hoover itself pick it all up quicker and easier.

It will definitely be a re-purchase, even if it's not for the reason Lenor intended.

So yep... bit of a random post I know but I couldn't not share this little bit of wisdom for you all!

If you try it out yourself you MUST let me know how you get on! xox


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