We're on the Move - Part 1: Goodbye Shrewsbury...

Yep... that's right... Goodbye Shrewsbury. After 3 years being in this wonderful, beautiful town, it's time to move on. We've had 3 years managing a pub here but we're soon off to live in Clevedon in Somerset to manage another pub there.

It's been such a rollercoaster of a 3 years but I can honestly say, hand on heart, I've already shed tears at the thought of leaving. Even though I don't, in all honesty, have a lot to say goodbye to here, the odd things, or people that I do have to say goodbye to, have been a huge part of my life here and I will miss them entirely.

I didn't really know what to post about so I think I'm just going to go through my highlights of my last 3 years.. my favourite places to go, my favourite things to see, my favourite people.

Peach Tree/Havana
There's been a lot of cocktails, bars and meals out over the last 3 years but nowhere quite beats "the perfect night out" like cocktails at Havana followed by a beautiful meal at The Peach Tree. We've spent many nights here whether it's birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas Eve, Mum-visits... it's just the perfect place for a special occasion.. such as a Saturday night! It also helps that the big man, Grant, is an absolute LEGEND and has been so lovely to meet over the last few years.

Find out more about why it's the perfect night here:


Church Stretton/Carding Mill Valley/Long Mynd
I my favourite walking spot in the whole of Shropshire just a couple of weeks after moving. It's a gorgeous National Trust site which is open to non-members. I've enjoyed so many walks and "hikes" around the Shropshire Hills and it's great if you have a full day as the areas around Long Mynd are stunning - I love Church Stretton with it's cute little shops and we've even been camping in Pods for a week which was brilliant fun.

On Form Fit
Where to start with this beauty... 2 years ago before my first black tie ball, I went into panic mode when I wasn't losing weight as quickly as I wanted and hired out Sasha to whip me into shape! It's safe to say that within just weeks, she changed my life forever and even now (sitting here with no gym membership for the first time in 10 years!), I have learned so much and it's tips and tricks that will stay with me always. I'd never had a Personal Trainer before and I've not had one since but I don't think anyone would compare to Sasha over at OnFormFit. She's a total expert in everything from weight loss, toning up, nutrition - even when I'm having a meltdown over life in general.. she's been a massive support in the last 2 years and it's been lovely getting to know her, not only in the gym but over a cocktail too.


Cocktail Bar Crawls
So I know you're going to get cocktail bars wherever you go in the country but I don't think any town will beat Shrewsbury for a cocktail bar crawl.. even my friends and family who have visited have joined my love of cocktails - whether it's a Bramble in Porterhouse, Milkshakes in Pour House, Long Island Ice Tea in Libertines or a Gin in Boathouse! There's so many lovely bars around Shrewsbury that you never have to search far for a Happy Hour. I won't lie... I have a tendency of stealing cocktail menus, particularly nice pretty ones so I'll be taking a piece of Shrewsbury with me when I move.

Hoo Farm Meerkat Experience
Definitely one of my highlights of being in Shropshire was the Meerkat Experience at Hoo Farm in Telford. 1 hour in the Meerkat enclosure.... SO MUCH FUN. Read more here:


What I love most about Shrewsbury is the environment and the community that surrounds the town. Festivals most weekends throughout the summer, music festivals, food festivals, charity festivals (read more later on about my favourite!) - there's always a great atmosphere where everyone knows everyone and everyone stops to talk. We moved just before the Food Festival 3 years ago and it was a great welcome to the town - it's safe to say we've never missed the food festival since! It's so great to have been part of a town that comes together so many weekends every year to get together to celebrate music, food, kids or flowers!

My blogging girliessssss! I started my blog just after we moved and I quickly made Twitter-Friendships with some lovely girlies but when Kirsty over at Kirsty-Leanne organised the Shopshire Blogger meet up, it was so lovely to meet them and it's safe to say I kept in touch the them, I moved to Boots last year onto the No7 counter, I held a couple of events and managed to meet some more wonderful bloggers face to face.

Shropshire Blogger Meet Up: http://everythingyoudontneedtoknowaboutsarah.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/shropshire-blogger-meet-up.html

SmashBox Blogger Meet Up (Shrewsbury): http://everythingyoudontneedtoknowaboutsarah.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/smashbox-bloggers-event.html

Shropshire Drivers!
I couldn't write a Blog post about my time in Shrewsbury without mention the "subject" that I know people will remember about me for a looong time. So let's get it over with. 3 months. 3 cars. 2 smashed up. None of which were my fault. Let's just hope that Wrekin RP finally get CCTV one day and that Preston Island in Shrewsbury gets an extra traffic light going from Battlefield, left onto the A5/M54. Let's also hope that drivers in Somerset are better ;)

Of course it wouldn't be normal of me to have such a big part of my life not remembered in a Tattoo of some form.. the song "Superheroes" by the Script has almost become a bit of a theme tune over the last couple of years and despite her mahoosive waiting list, I managed to get an appointment with the gorgeous Meg Evans (look her up on Facebook!), I got some of the lyrics tattooed on my arm. It's easily my favourite tattoo out of the ones I have and couldn't recommend Meg enough. Such a lovely human being and so bloody talented.

Happy Boho, Big Busk... Annie Hambley 
Oh where to start with this one... So in April 2014 I tweeted saying that I was moving to Shrewsbury and what did I need to do/see/visit when I arrived and the same day a little tweet popped up from "TheHappyBoho" and since that day, I've never felt so welcome in a town as I did then. I got to know Annie a little more over time and learned that we had 1 big "thing" in common - we'd both lost a sibling. I learned that Annie and her family had launched "The Big Busk" in memory of Ben and hold a weekend each year where the streets are Shrewsbury are lined with Buskers raising funds for Shrewsbury Ark. To meet someone so inspiring after all I'd been through losing Caroline, it was so lovely to see someone proving that life does go on.

What I also quickly learned about Annie is that she's the cocktail queen and within just weeks in Shrewsbury, I was drinking cocktails in what would turn out to be my favourite cocktail cosy hide out.

It's been lovely getting to know Annie over the last 3 years along with her wonderful hubby, Mr Boho, Mark - and seeing them bring Baby Bodhi into the world. I'm incredibly grateful to know them and am so proud of everything they have achieved. Annie, thank you for being my real-life Superhero...



The last 3 years have been INSANE and I've been through so much personally, emotionally, physically... I've become a qualified MUA, a Macmillan trained Beauty Advisor thanks to the incredible family I worked with at Boots in Telford stores, and a qualified pub manager! I couldn't have done it without the people I've met and it's been so lovely getting to know Shrewsbury and the people in it. Massive shout outs to my Twitter family... Jim, (my newly adopted Shropshire Mum and Sister) Julie & Lia, Alistair who have been on Twitter to help me with anything Shrewsbury-based I needed.

Despite me sitting here surrounded by boxes, up to my eyeballs with piles of stuff and getting confirmation we can collect the keys to our new house in 48 hours... I still don't believe I'm leaving and it still hasn't hit me yet - all I can think about is that I have 48 hours to get in as many cocktails as I can!

So for now... goodbye Shrewsbury! Thank you for being 3 of the best years of my life.


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