BLOGMAS DAY 1: We're on the move - Part 2: ... Hello Somerset!

Well it's been a while.. a hell of a lot longer than anticipated.

And I’m going to attempt Blogmas.. even though this is now currently 2 days late - oops! 

I officially moved to Clevedon, Somerset over 2 months ago now and it's absolutely flown by. It's not been easy to start with and we've had a lot more challenges than expected at work and setting up the house but I finally feel, after slowing down this week, that we're finally "settled" and I finally feel like I do actually live in Clevedon and I'm not just on holiday.

I moved into the house September 15th and Nick came down after we went to Turkey early October so I spent a couple of weeks here alone setting up the house and getting to know the area. Clevedon is such a lovely little town. Luckily we're in such a great location within proximity of Cribbs Causeway shopping centre, or Bristol City centre or even the beauty that is Bath as it really is small with not a huge amount to do but there's some really cute little nooks and crannies of Clevedon with some lovely independent shops and cafes.. and of course a couple of nice bars and places to go for a bite to eat...

A lovely little Café, Tiffin, quickly became my favourite place for a nice lunch - particularly when it's nice and sunny as it's right on the sea front! They do a lunch called "the Picnic plate" where you can choose a sandwich which comes with crisps, salad, couscous or houmous, along with fruit and a (beautiful!) chocolate tiffin - all for £8.50. I've had it a few times and it's certainly a new favourite. I'm also loving the Teatro lounge which is the same brand as my favourite Telford restaurant, Novello! I was beyond excited when I realised and the next Tuesday I was there, ready and waiting for Tapas Tuesday! Our final favourite is Murray's which does theeeee best pizza - it's also a lovely little deli shop which sells a great selection of fresh meats, cheeses and typical deli products.. Oooh.. what I'd give to have a pizza right now!

One of my favourite areas of Clevedon though is the Pier.. it's a lovely Pier that is clearly very well looked after with a lovely team to chat to who are so knowledgable. With a little café and a seafood restaurant, you really can make an afternoon of it. The views from the end of the old fashioned pier will make you want to sit and watch the world go by while looking over the bay with a coffee or home made ice cream. It's nice to have a walk down either with friends or family, or even like me if you like to have some thinking time with beautiful views.

Being by the sea in general is a huge thing for me as I've always loved being near a beach, no matter what beach or where in the world I always find it calming and relaxing and there's just something about it that warms me. To look out of the window at work, or just wrap up walm to have a walk along the sea front less than 20 minute walk from our house.. it makes each day worth of solid work worth it!

It's safe to say that Clevedon has stolen our hearts and I'm not sure where the first 2 months have gone to but now work is quietening down, we can really spend the time exploring the town and finding even more hidden gems.

So I will attempt to catch up on Blogmas but hey, I’ve made a start! Let the festivities begin xox 


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