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REVIEW: Aldi Make Up

I'm a little late on the bandwagon I know - but I was meant to write this post when I took the photos nearly a month ago! You know me by now. 
I just HAD to give the Aldi Make Up a go when I saw that they'd launched their own line of make up - particularly when I saw the photos and saw they were based on (let's face it.. they are!) some of our favourite Make Up Products by our favourite, more high end, brands. There was a lot of talk around whether they were seriously clever for pulling this out the bag or downright out of order but yano what, if it works, and it definitely did, then I say they should go for it - and go for it they did! 
I've been trying out these for a while now, since the day they came out to be exact. Yes, I was that person who was fighting their way through Aldi to find the make up isle and I'm gonna start with the one single product I actually didn't really get on with. The Mascara. "Too Legit", which is a "dupe" for t…

Beauty Bay Bragging Rights Haul!

2 blog posts in one week... who'd have thought! 
I was so bloody late on this one and I'm not the most "trendy" person when it comes to make up or being quick on the sales, but I did bag a few bargains in the Beauty Bay Bragging Rights sales and got some new goodies with 30-50% discount. I'll do a full blog post with reviews on the products I LOVE but in the mean time, this is what I treated myself too. 

Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder Definitely excited to try this one to see if the magic really works and I'm sure if it does then it's something I'll be purchasing closer to the wedding. I've used Charcoal toothpastes before and they've been amazing but I've never used the powder. 
thisworks Dream Team (linked to similar as sold out)  I've never been one to sleep brilliantly, but lately with so much going on I've barely slept at all and it's really starting to get me down so I thought while the Dream Team was on offer, …

Christmas Bedding!

So Blogtober failed! It's safe to say I'm just not made for the blogging world sometimes and it's not been the easiest few weeks since having some bad family news followed by a loss so I got distracted with family stuff. But I've got so much going on and so many new goodies I want to get back to it plus it will also keep my mind busy too.

The last couple of days I have been sorting the flat out after being in and out for 6 weeks with suitcases and bags still.strewn everywhere so I've spruced up our home and it was time for the yearly Christmas bedding purchase! This year more than ever there seemed to be loads on the market and I've spent time trawling the web and mooching around the shops and came up with my favorites:

Top 2: Asda (George Home Living)Bottom Left: The Range
Bottom right: Amazon (Catherine Lansfield Christmas Greetings King Duvet Set - Multi, Gold/Silver

My favourite was this …

Favourite Slimming World Breakfasts: BLOGTOBER

It’s been 3 months since I started Slimming World now and it’s safe to say I’ve had ups and downs but I finally feel like I’m getting more settled into it and that I feel knowledgable about syn values etc and since setting up a Slimming World Instagram which so many people suggested (sarahjack_sw) it's been great to see tips and tricks and other people's meal ideas.

Before I started Slimming World (and the majority of the time now still) I don't do breakfast and I never have so trying to get into a routine has been tricky but I've made sure if I'm on a late shift or a day off I always cook myself a decent breakfast. I'm not a milk person and don't really have cereal and I'll only generally have porridge if it's really cold and I want something a little quicker than actually cooking something but I do have 2 favourite breakfasts that I cook most weeks:

The Slimming World Fry Up  Spaghetti Hoops (now a syn for half a tin! Grrr). These are my go to as I…


We’ve started to think about wedding songs lately considering we now have less than a year. Now this is something we always knew we’d find tricky as our tastes in music are TOTAL opposite ends of a veeeery long spectrum. I love cheese and all things 90s and, well, anything they’d play in Popworld yet Nick is all about the dance, house, techno “doosh Doosh doosh’ kinda music that you’d get at a rave or a club in Ibiza. So picking the specific wedding songs was never going to be easy.
Obviously we need a “walk down the isle” (WDTI) Song, “sign the book” (STB) Song, “walk out of the ceremony” (WOOTC) Song and most importantly a “first dance” song. So when we had a 3 hour drive this week I decided to make a playlist with any songs I thought would be nice for any of these occasions. It’s safe to say Nick was NOT impressed.
The only song he liked was the one song I did like but couldn’t work out where I’d be able to put it - The Greatest Show! Typical. So we’re back to square one with Nick ha…

Autumn FOTD: Full Face Of NYX Professional Make Up. BLOGTOBER.

I said I’d fail Blogtober didn’t I. Already missed 2 days.. restarting with my current favourite Autumn look, it’s really simple, no fancy eye techniques and all my most used products are easy and quick to use. I love Autumn and these colours are the reason why! 
Foundation: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. Incredible 24 hour Wear with a matte full coverage! Leaves skin looking FLAWLESS! Concealer: HD Concealer (set with Bareminerals Mineral Veil In Well Rested). Epically brightens under the eye! Contour: Cream Pro as a base then set with the Pro Powder Contour palette to set and deepen the colour.  Blush: From the Love Contours all palette.. literally the only blush I own and use!  Highlight: Born To Glow palette. Gold around brow bone with the mix of the lightest 2 shades on the cheek bone. The absolute lightest shade at the tip of my nose. 
Shadow: Rebel Without A Cause. The darkest brown shade blended out with a dab of the yellow. Nice and simple. Glitter: Glitter Goals liquid glitter …

2018: 90 Days Left Goals! BLOGTOBER DAY 2!

This morning Alfie Deyes Tweeted that there’s only 90 days left of 2018 - 90 days! Just let that sink in. And it got me thinking of everything I’ve done this year and even though I’ve changed my life for the better, made huge choices to improve everything from my physical to my mental health and even though I feel like a whole new person, there’s still so much I feel that I haven’t done. 
So I’ve collected a few thoughts as I sit here in Costa pondering over a Bonfire Spiced Latte (which btw.. amazing!) and decided that I want to make the most of the last 3 months of the year that started so horrifically I didn’t know if I’d make it to the end of it. But I will and I’m so close...
Really push myself at Slimming World. I’m losing weight every week but it’s only ever 1 or 2 pound. I know in my head that I’ve not been 100% to plan, I’ve had the odd extra Gin or I’ve had the odd Greggs Sausage Roll when I know I shouldn’t have, and after my meeting this morning I’ve decided I really want to…

Autumn Nail Favourites - BLOGTOBER DAY 1!

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh! ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR! 
It’s October, it’s Autumn... dark and Autumnal nails are HERE. YAY. I’m also gonna give Blogtober ago to get myself motivated to blog more which I know will give my happiness a boost too and something to do throughout the month.. more about that soon! 
But anyone who knows me know I’m absolutely a nail person and I’m trying harder lately to look after my nails since taking my acrylics off again so I’m back to using the love of my life, OPI Nail Envy every day and as a base coat along with my Seche Vita Top coat which is just life. 
And I’ve selected my favourite Autumn nails that I’ll be wearing this season for some Nailspiration - Tweet me any other recommendations that I need to be purchasing ;) 

No7 Pink Mocha / Olive Barry M Gelly Shine Black Cherry / Paprika Essie Angora’s Cardi
Twitter & Instagram: MsSarahjack xox

Wedding (and slight life) update!

Feels like only 5 minutes ago since I did a wedding update but actually it was like 3 months ago - I'm just really slacking on my blogging game lately!

The main reason (I'll start off with the little life update) I've slacked in the blogging department is the fact I have yet another new job! *squeals and jumps* I'm now an Account Manager for the INCRED NYX Professional Make Up and I'm managing a brand new counter in Leicester Debenahms! It's been SO exciting taking on such an amazing new role but stepping up to Manager position as well as doubling my hours, it's taken it's toll on the blog slightly :( But 3 months in, I feel so much more settled and for the first time in a couple of years (aka since working over Christmas at the pub) I feel I can get SO excited for Autumn/Winter and even CHRISTMAS which has really boosted my mood which makes me want to start typing more again :)

Because of feeling settled and SO much happier, this has allowed me to real…

Weather Proofing Make Up Tips

"Is that it? Is Summer over?" is a question I've been asking myself every other day lately with the weather being so up and down and so unpredictable - I never know how the weather is going to turn out so my make up has been something I've genuinely had to consider how I'm doing my make up each morning. Especially since starting (yet another) new job - blog post coming soon - I've had to make sure my make up is 110% on fleeeeek each day!

So I thought I'd do a little post on my tips and favourite products to ensure my make up is ready for whatever the weather may decide to do....

TIPSBe skin ready! Since I worked for Liz Earle my skincare routine got absolutely upped to the max and the difference in my Skin over the last 3 months has been insane and I'd genuinely be happy to go out wearing no make up - anyone knows me know this would NEVER happen before. I take my skincare a lot more seriously now in the evenings and cleanse/tone/moisturise properly a…

Proseccard X Nuvo

3 months without a blog post - its safe to say that I need to make up for it and today I'll be having a full blogging day and writing some posts about my latest likes and adventures and I really have the perfect post to kick off with!
This weekend I teamed up with the amazing team at Proseccard and had the most incredible evening at Nuvo in Birmingham on Saturday night and tested out my latest plastic card in my purse which is quickly becoming my favourite.

Proseccard offers a (literally magic!) card which offers you a limitless lifestyle with a number of locations around the West Midlands offering unlimited* Prosecco for just £29 a month. Obviously unlimited unfortunately (or probably safely!) doesn't mean unlimited but you're able to have 6 FREE GLASSES per day around the venues. For me living around an hour or so away from Birmingham Town centre I would only probably purchase the card if I knew I was heading into Birmingham that month - I go most months anyway. For any…

Visiting the Home of Liz Earle

If you follow me on Twitter or read my last post, you'll know that I recently stepped down from being a pub manager and moved back into Boots as a Liz Earle advisor! It has been a really horrible few months and I decided that I wanted to put myself first, take a step back and take on a part time job I know I'll love - which also allows me time to make up lost time with friends and family as well as allowing me extra time to work on my blog or anything else I take on! 
I started a few weeks ago but last week I was lucky enough, and frankly very honoured and excited to be able to go to the home of Liz Earle; the Isle of Wight. And I have been messaged a fair few times asking me what it was like and asked me for more information about whether it really is all true about their naturalness - so a blog post was the answer! 
I genuinely however do no know where to start. The week training was really great - along with 9 other lovely ladies in the same boat, we worked through product…

Recent Favourites

Aaahh it feels good to be writing again! 
I always forget to do a monthly favourites and be time I realise its nearly the next month but I've got a few bits and bobs I've been really loving over the last few weeks so I thought I'd pull together a general favourites post! 
There's a bit of a mix bag but it's bits I've been putting on Instagram and getting questions about or things I've been recommended so thought I'd pass on the baton. 
Make Up wise - you can probably see straight away that all but one of my favourite products lately are from Make Up Revolution/Revolution Pro - we all know this is possibly my favourite Make Up brand in general! But they've really upped their game over the last couple of months; producing their new Revolution Pro Foundation (oh holy mother of all good and alcoholic - incredible coverage and great for oily skin!) and new Liquid Highlighter. I've also previously used their "banana powder" but I found the …

Wedding Update - Realising you don't have to spend £20k!

A post I've been ignoring the thought of for a while now but so many people have asked when I've been for coffee or had a catch up with them that I thought I'd do a mini post about our wedding plans in their current state. It's been over a year since I did a wedding update and really, it couldn't be more different from a year ago!

We had booked our Wedding for September of this year at a venue we absolutely loved in Belper but last year when we moved pubs in September, we had to make the decision to rent a house rather than live above a pub - a choice which really, we didn't get a choice in. The area we moved to in Somerset was very, very expensive and way beyond our budget of  what we'd generally want to pay however we really wanted to take on the new pub so we decided to put the wedding back a year and use the wedding fund to help out with the rent for a few months - this pretty much drained the whole fund. After around 6 months, just as our rent renewal …

LUSH: Sleepy Lotion

The Sleepy Lotion by Lush has been all over social media for a few months now and it's been a part of my bedside table since before Christmas now. I am one of those people who will go out and buy something if there is a lot of hype around it but only if it's something that I genuinely think will benefit me.

I have always suffered with insomnia and crappy sleeping. I've tried herbal tablets, medication prescribed by a doctor, anti-anxiety meds, baths which is half relaxation bubble bath and half water... bath salts, bath bombs all specifically to make you sleep... you name it. I've tried it. I've never slept well since I was a teenager. When I was at home I'd end up staying up watching TV until silly o clock, or reading whole books in a night. Now, years later, I end up in the spare room or on the sofa trying to get to sleep after tossing and turning trying to get back to sleep and not wanting to wake Nick up. I don't know why I'm like this - it's wo…

Leicester Date Night: Ft Head Of Steam Launch

We're moving into week 4 of living in Leicestere (well... 20 minutes out of the town centre) so it was about time we headed into town to check out what Leicester has to offer. This also coincided with the opening night of Head Of Steam; a bar Nick was desperate to try as it had a large variety of beers and ales.

We made a bit of a date night of Leicester this week while we both had a day off and got an Uber into town mid-afternoon. It was lovely walking around the Lanes with the retro shops and smaller cafes and it was nice just exploring and finding what I'm sure will be our favourite places in the future. Our first stop was a little bar we found by the off chance as I needed the loo and it advertised Coffees so Nick decided to try it. Rutland and Derby has a lovely little sun terrace which was sat on in the beaming sun (with a pint - not coffee!) and it was a great atmosphere. The weather was warm and it had a great sized outdoor area. We only stopped for a drink but the foo…

Micro Blading: My Experience

So this is one of my most exciting posts in a long while and one I've been waiting for write up for weeks.. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you'll know that about 2 weeks ago I finally had the balls to go and get my eyebrows Micro-bladed after one of my favourite salons, Identity in Clevedon, held an offer on their Facebook page. When I messaged the team and asked about it and mentioned that I am a wimp (anyone knows me will know what level I am a wimp to) and Beth replied saying that they actually use numbing cream. THAT WAS IT. I'M IN.

Around a week and a half before I went in for my consultation with the lovely Courtney who went through every detail with me. I thought it would be a couple of minutes to do a basic patch test but I was surprised at how thorough it was and how much we went through to make me feel so much more at ease. We went through the shapes and stencils that I could choose from so I knew how I wanted my brows shaping as well as testi…