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Bath Highlights

(Firstly.. AGH. WHY BLOG SPOT? Just wrote this whole post and closed the page.. went back and it's gone. GONE.) Ok.. deep breaths.. and calm. Let's go again.  **** We moved to Somerset back in October and in the last few months I've fallen in love with a local town/city that will forever be one of my favourite places in the world. We went to Bath for the first time in November for my birthday just for a night away. We picked it as it's close and also that there's a Greene King Hotel where we get rooms for half price - win win! I never expected to really like Bath as much as I did and since then, every time we've been back we've found new little areas of Bath that we'd missed the times before.  We've stayed at the same hotel every time, the Loch Fyne Milson hotel. It's above a Loch Fyne restaurant and it really is just beautiful. The rooms are so homely and comfy and really rather... luxurious. With coffee machines in each room al

Tam Beauty Sale Haul

I'm blogging - it's a miracle! Blogmas lasted all of 1 post. Work has just been beyond crazy busy while trying to settle in to a new town - but more on that soon! So yes.. Happy New Year!  My 2018 started pretty epically by bagging over £300 worth of make up from TamBeauty for just £73. Yes.. less than a 3rd of what it was worth. I got a lot of good sales in the boxing day/January sales but these were definitely my favourites. Superdrug had sold out of every Make Up Revolution gift set when I went on to have a look but then I saw that the TamBeauty website had the same gift sets that were a) cheaper, and b) in stock. I only went on to have a nosey to have a look but ended up with a loooooot.  I managed to get a Make Up Revolution Lip Vault worth £60 with 10 lip kits which was one of the sets I wanted from Superdrug's website. It just looks so slick and organised and even though I won't use all of them, I've enjoyed trying them all out and the ones I know fo