Bath Highlights

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Ok.. deep breaths.. and calm. Let's go again. 


We moved to Somerset back in October and in the last few months I've fallen in love with a local town/city that will forever be one of my favourite places in the world. We went to Bath for the first time in November for my birthday just for a night away. We picked it as it's close and also that there's a Greene King Hotel where we get rooms for half price - win win! I never expected to really like Bath as much as I did and since then, every time we've been back we've found new little areas of Bath that we'd missed the times before. 

We've stayed at the same hotel every time, the Loch Fyne Milson hotel. It's above a Loch Fyne restaurant and it really is just beautiful. The rooms are so homely and comfy and really rather... luxurious. With coffee machines in each room along with baths big enough for a whole family, massive beds with gorgeous cosy bedding and a real homely feel with fires in each room along with the standard hotel amenities such as TVs - it really is one of my favourite hotels in the country - possibly more. It's also in a perfect location as it's right at the top of Bath with stunning views but also very central so you're within walking distance to everything. I would definitely recommend the hotel if you're visiting Bath. 

What I didn't expect about Bath is the amount of drinking and eating places that are surrounding the town. I naively expected it to be quite oldy-worldy with just tourists looking at baths and Abbey's but I was gladly proven wrong. 

The first time we went we found a couple of favourites which we've been back to when we've been back. "Canon" was one of the first places we went for a drink as it was advertising that it sold ales and beers so that was it - Nick was sold. We went in and they had an open mic night with live singers which made it an amazing atmosphere. The drink selection was fantastic too - there was something for everyone! Beers, ales, gins, vodkas, ciders, cocktails.. you name it! We've been back since and it's just a great little place to visit. 

Another favourite is one we found just last week - The WestGate Pub. We only popped in as it was raining, it advertised coffees and it was a Greene King Pub. I walked in and was blown away but how wonderful it looked inside. It was so bright and airy with a great ambiance in the bar area but then when you walk into the main restaurant area it's darker with a real "locals" cosy atmosphere and funky feel. With lots of greenery around the place and a clear colour and feel theme running through, it's a stunning pub. They also have a great drinks menu with some lovely cocktails.. the Pornstar Martini is a must! We went twice in a weekend - once during the day and once in the evening and both times it was totally different. It was really chilled out over the lunch period but on a Friday evening it was busy with great music and lots of people getting into the weekend spirit! 

To finish a night off, 2 for 1 cocktails at a classic place like Slug and Lettuce or Revs is a must - both with great music and great drink selection. Yes you can get both of them in most cities around the UK but let's be honest - there a must for any night out you go on! (If you haven't already - get a Revs card if you're a regular as for £4 you can get 2-4-1 cocktails at any point, discounts on food and more). 

Obviously Bath isn't just good for a night out and eating and drinking and yes, it is of course famously known for it's tourist spots such as the Roman Baths and, my favourite, the Abbey. Absolutely stunning inside and out - a wonderful little area and tourist spot to walk around and a must if you visit Bath itself. You could almost forget you're even in Bath or the UK and imagine yourself somewhere like Rome or Italy with the tourists and the cameras flashing. 

Bath is a great area whether you're looking to be a tourist for the day or just looking for a weekend away with the girls for a few cocktails and nice food. It's so easy to drive to as well with a few different car parks to choose from or of course you can get the Station (and visit the cocktail bar next door to the station on arrival!). It's a lovely town just to have a wander around if you're local like us but have never been.. with little shops, cafes and markets, it really does have something for everyone. 

Bath will definitely be one of my favourite places to visit from here on in. 


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