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Tiger Gin

So if you know me.. let's be honest loves, I love m' Gin! Tbh.. I love my alcohol in general but Gin in particular has been a new love over the last year or so and I've loved trying out new gins with new flavours - made easier by working in a pub where I can order as many gins as I pretty much want ;) But a new favourite of mine is certainly Tiger Gin. I'd never had it until recently when I tried it in a bar in Bath and it's certainly a contender for the top spot. Having a little more time off of work lately (by that I mean working 50 hours a week not 70!) has meant more time for drinking and making up wonderful concoctions so I thought I'd share my favourite ways of having my new favourite Tipple... The Classic! Tiger Gin, over plenty of Ice and orange wedges finished with a classic tonic - preferably Fever Tree! What else can you say? The Earl Grey and Elderflower Yes.. you read right. But don't you go knocking it just yet. It may sound rand

Current Favourite #FOTD

So it's safe to say that over the last few months, maybe a year or so , my make up range has drastically changed (and improved!) and I've spread my wings away from just whatever I could get in Boots and bitten the bullet to spend a bit more money to try some new beauty products. I've spent so long watching YouTube videos and reading blogs to know that the money I'm spending is worth it and I feel that for the first time in a long time, this is the happiest and most confident I've been with my current make up bag.. So this is the look that I've been going with day to day over the last few weeks - sometimes I'll do more an less depending in how long I have before I start work or if I'm going out at night etc but for a standard look, this is how I'm going: FOUNDATION : Fenty Beauty CONCEALER : Nars Cream Concealer CONTOUR : Charlotte Tilbury Instant Face (Bronzer) BLUSH : No7 Rose Gold Shimmer HIGHLIGHT : Fenty Beauty / Illamasqua Loose Powder

January Haul!

So after working 70+ hours a week throughout the majority of November and December on hourly pay and then not having the time to spend any of it, I knew January was a time to treat myself to some new clothes now I've lost weight and a fit bits and pieces to make our house more of a home as we'd really not paid attention to it in the 3 months we'd been there so I did a bit of sale shopping and treated myself/us to a few new goodies... BOXING DAY SALES: Ok so it wasn't boxing day but we managed to go shopping between Christmas and New Year over at Cribbs Causeway and I spent a couple of vouchers that I'd received. Helloooooo Piggie goodies in Cath Kidston - just when I thought I'd got every item from the Guinea Pig Range I spotted a 2018 diary! I managed to pick up a candle, 2 note books, diary, land yard and some stationary all for less than £30 - bargains galore. I also had a One For All voucher which I used on a Yankee Candle (which smells amaaaaaazing)