Tiger Gin

So if you know me.. let's be honest loves, I love m' Gin! Tbh.. I love my alcohol in general but Gin in particular has been a new love over the last year or so and I've loved trying out new gins with new flavours - made easier by working in a pub where I can order as many gins as I pretty much want ;) But a new favourite of mine is certainly Tiger Gin. I'd never had it until recently when I tried it in a bar in Bath and it's certainly a contender for the top spot. Having a little more time off of work lately (by that I mean working 50 hours a week not 70!) has meant more time for drinking and making up wonderful concoctions so I thought I'd share my favourite ways of having my new favourite Tipple...

The Classic!
Tiger Gin, over plenty of Ice and orange wedges finished with a classic tonic - preferably Fever Tree! What else can you say?

The Earl Grey and Elderflower
Yes.. you read right. But don't you go knocking it just yet. It may sound random and a gross mix but holy all that is alcoholic and good... yes... just yes. We serve this in the pub since I started and I'm in charge of the set up - Earl Grey Tea brewed with plenty of Elderflower Cordial mixed (when cold) with a shot of Tiger Gin, topped with either a Ginger Ale (my fav) or a simple Tonic water. I love this in a balloon glass with plenty of ice and wedges of Lime. Definitely worth a try and surprisingly easy to make at home too.

Berry Gin Fizz
There's so many ways of making this and it does generally depend on the time of year and what frehs berries you can get at the time of year or even the flavours you fancy each season. With it being Winter, my current method is Tiger Gin with a small dash of a nice Winter Berry Syrup (got some for Christmas and I don't drink Coffee so had to find a use somehow!) finished with Prosecco! A little bit more of a fancy, glitzy Gin cocktail but perfect for those girly nights in!

Wowza.. my mouth is literally watering. Is 4.09pm in the afternoon too early for a cheeky drink? No? Why, thank you kindly - let my pour myself a Tiger Gin ;)


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