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Micro Blading: My Experience

So this is one of my most exciting posts in a long while and one I've been waiting for write up for weeks.. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you'll know that about 2 weeks ago I finally had the balls to go and get my eyebrows Micro-bladed after one of my favourite salons, Identity in Clevedon, held an offer on their Facebook page. When I messaged the team and asked about it and mentioned that I am a wimp (anyone knows me will know what level I am a wimp to) and Beth replied saying that they actually use numbing cream. THAT WAS IT. I'M IN. Around a week and a half before I went in for my consultation with the lovely Courtney who went through every detail with me. I thought it would be a couple of minutes to do a basic patch test but I was surprised at how thorough it was and how much we went through to make me feel so much more at ease. We went through the shapes and stencils that I could choose from so I knew how I wanted my brows shaping as well as test

Lush Spa: The Validation Facial Experience

A bit of a different one for this blog but I had such a fantastic day with the team at Lush in Bath within the Spa that I couldn't not write about it.. Last week I took my gorgeous best friend, Laura, on a surprise mini-hen do before she gets married later in the year as I wanted to do something just the 2 of us to say thank you for just being so generally fantastic in my life so we had a girly weekend in Bath. This only came about though as my friend kindly gave me a Lush Voucher for the spa. I contacted Lush in Bath (one of only a handful of Lush Spas in the country) and advised that I had a voucher and we came up with a plan for the 2 of us to have treatments at our visit. We booked into have the Validation Facial which is one that I knew I wanted from the get go when I started reading about the different treatments online. It was a 60 minute treatment however we also received a 30 minute consultation to discuss what products we could choose from for the treatment so it