Lush Spa: The Validation Facial Experience

A bit of a different one for this blog but I had such a fantastic day with the team at Lush in Bath within the Spa that I couldn't not write about it..

Last week I took my gorgeous best friend, Laura, on a surprise mini-hen do before she gets married later in the year as I wanted to do something just the 2 of us to say thank you for just being so generally fantastic in my life so we had a girly weekend in Bath. This only came about though as my friend kindly gave me a Lush Voucher for the spa. I contacted Lush in Bath (one of only a handful of Lush Spas in the country) and advised that I had a voucher and we came up with a plan for the 2 of us to have treatments at our visit.

We booked into have the Validation Facial which is one that I knew I wanted from the get go when I started reading about the different treatments online. It was a 60 minute treatment however we also received a 30 minute consultation to discuss what products we could choose from for the treatment so it would be 100% personalised to our own skin which is just fantastic. Everyone's skin is different and even looking at Laura and I's selection, they were so varied.

We went into the store itself and picked a variety of products to be used within the treatment including a cleanser, a face mask, a hand cream, moisturiser, lip scrub plus a lovely primer-style moisturiser to finish on. The Team in the Spa talked us through each step and found which of each product would work best for what we wanted for our skin and their calm and relaxed aura really made us feel special.

Once we'd picked our products, we went and relaxed downstairs in the spa itself which was set out like a beautiful winter cabin complete with front room area, kitchen and a stunning bathroom with shower which was free to use. You were also able to use a number of products that were available to hand too which was just a wonderful touch. The treatment rooms too were just incredible - with a soothing CD on with the sounds of the sea and calming words, this set a fantastic atmosphere along with the dimmed lights, candles and gorgeous Lush aromas to help you relax on a bed with heated blankets ready and waiting for you.

The Validation Facial itself was just beyond words.. I've never been a "spa person" and I've never really been into massages so this for me was a bit different but I've never experienced anything like this. For an hour solid, both me and Laura agreed that we literally didn't think of anything. The treatment had so many stages to it and went beyond just the face - with arms and hand massages, neck and shoulder massages.. it was just incredible with the personalised products.

The experience as a whole was just phenomenal and made up of so many fantastic little touches including the music, the personalised products, the refreshing drinks and the team themselves. I would highly recommend visiting a Lush Spa to anyone who is a Lush or a Spa fan and I already can't wait to go again!

You can read more about the treatment and the official information as well as where you can get the Treatment HERE:


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