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Visiting the Home of Liz Earle

If you follow me on Twitter or read my last post, you'll know that I recently stepped down from being a pub manager and moved back into Boots as a Liz Earle advisor! It has been a really horrible few months and I decided that I wanted to put myself first, take a step back and take on a part time job I know I'll love - which also allows me time to make up lost time with friends and family as well as allowing me extra time to work on my blog or anything else I take on!  I started a few weeks ago but last week I was lucky enough, and frankly very honoured and excited to be able to go to the home of Liz Earle; the Isle of Wight. And I have been messaged a fair few times asking me what it was like and asked me for more information about whether it really is all true about their naturalness - so a blog post was the answer!  I genuinely however do no know where to start. The week training was really great - along with 9 other lovely ladies in the same boat, we worked through

Recent Favourites

Aaahh it feels good to be writing again!  I always forget to do a monthly favourites and be time I realise its nearly the next month but I've got a few bits and bobs I've been really loving over the last few weeks so I thought I'd pull together a general favourites post!  There's a bit of a mix bag but it's bits I've been putting on Instagram and getting questions about or things I've been recommended so thought I'd pass on the baton.  Make Up wise - you can probably see straight away that all but one of my favourite products lately are from Make Up Revolution/Revolution Pro - we all know this is possibly my favourite Make Up brand in general! But they've really upped their game over the last couple of months; producing their new Revolution Pro Foundation (oh holy mother of all good and alcoholic - incredible coverage and great for oily skin!) and new Liquid Highlighter. I've also previously used their "banana powder" but I

Wedding Update - Realising you don't have to spend £20k!

A post I've been ignoring the thought of for a while now but so many people have asked when I've been for coffee or had a catch up with them that I thought I'd do a mini post about our wedding plans in their current state. It's been over a year since I did a wedding update and really, it couldn't be more different from a year ago! We had booked our Wedding for September of this year at a venue we absolutely loved in Belper but last year when we moved pubs in September, we had to make the decision to rent a house rather than live above a pub - a choice which really, we didn't get a choice in. The area we moved to in Somerset was very, very expensive and way beyond our budget of  what we'd generally want to pay however we really wanted to take on the new pub so we decided to put the wedding back a year and use the wedding fund to help out with the rent for a few months - this pretty much drained the whole fund. After around 6 months, just as our rent renewal