Visiting the Home of Liz Earle

If you follow me on Twitter or read my last post, you'll know that I recently stepped down from being a pub manager and moved back into Boots as a Liz Earle advisor! It has been a really horrible few months and I decided that I wanted to put myself first, take a step back and take on a part time job I know I'll love - which also allows me time to make up lost time with friends and family as well as allowing me extra time to work on my blog or anything else I take on! 

I started a few weeks ago but last week I was lucky enough, and frankly very honoured and excited to be able to go to the home of Liz Earle; the Isle of Wight. And I have been messaged a fair few times asking me what it was like and asked me for more information about whether it really is all true about their naturalness - so a blog post was the answer! 

I genuinely however do no know where to start. The week training was really great - along with 9 other lovely ladies in the same boat, we worked through product knowledge, services such as facials, hand and arm massages and the head massage! I won't pretend that no one nearly nodded off, it's certain to say that I'm sure my friends and family will call when they need some pampering! We went through each of the ranges within the Liz Earle brand, going through each product and their ingredients. I won't bore you about the products but it's safe to say I was bloody impressed - there really is something for everyone! 

One of my favourite parts of the week was visiting the first Liz Earle store which is on the Island itself - we had a wonderful tour of the original offices that Liz and Kim (who co-founded the brand) worked along with my favourite area - a map of the world showing exactly where each ingredient is from! This fascinated me to no end and I absolutely loved looking over the map. From the Avocados in Mexico to the cotton for the 100% cotton cloths in India, Liz Earle really is dotted all over the world. It was great to learn and hear of the families who make the cotton cloths in India and their amazing ethics - the family who run the team ensure that all accommodation and travel is paid for in India for those who work for them - this fact has stuck with me as it really shows the other side of companies who have teams working overseas and it's made me even more proud to work for the company. 

Each and every ingredient is natural, grown and harvested especially for Liz Earle, whether this is around the world or at "The Green House" (aka Head Office) on the Island. We were lucky enough to meet Geoff, who manages the Environmental Team - including the beautiful gardens, and have a tour of what they grow on site and how their environmental methods work in the offices. We got to see what happens to all food waste in the building as Geoff turns it into compost which is used when growing new plants - and speaking of plants! I felt so lucky to be able to walk around the gardens and see everything growing, from the Orange flowers in the body wash to the rosemary from the Cleanse and Polish and candles!

We did of course also have some down time too to explore the Isle of Wight and walk the lovely streets of the small town we were staying in, spending our evenings walking on the beach or watching the sunset with a glass of wine! It was so lovely to be with others in the same position as you to help build your confidence when working together. 

We spent an amazing week at the Green House and learned so much about the brand we now work for proudly, and to prove the pride that the full brand have, you only have to walk into the HQ office reception area to see the number of awards already won, lined up side by side! 

I was going to also add a bit about my favourite products in this post but I feel it could go on for some time so I'll do a favourites post in a few weeks when I've had time to try them out properly - did you know that it takes 28 days for your skin to turnover it's cells? For dead skin cells to produce new skin cells? I had no idea either - so I want to give it a 4 fair weeks to try what I know will be my new favourite products, so I can ensure that my skin gets used to it! 

In the mean time, if you're in Leicester, be sure to pop into Fosse Park to say hello and have a facial! 



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