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Weather Proofing Make Up Tips

"Is that it? Is Summer over?" is a question I've been asking myself every other day lately with the weather being so up and down and so unpredictable - I never know how the weather is going to turn out so my make up has been something I've genuinely had to consider how I'm doing my make up each morning. Especially since starting (yet another) new job - blog post coming soon - I've had to make sure my make up is 110% on fleeeeek each day! So I thought I'd do a little post on my tips and favourite products to ensure my make up is ready for whatever the weather may decide to do.... TIPS :  Be skin ready! Since I worked for Liz Earle my skincare routine got absolutely upped to the max and the difference in my Skin over the last 3 months has been insane and I'd genuinely be happy to go out wearing no make up - anyone knows me know this would NEVER happen before. I take my skincare a lot more seriously now in the evenings and cleanse/tone/moisturise p

Proseccard X Nuvo

3 months without a blog post - its safe to say that I need to make up for it and today I'll be having a full blogging day and writing some posts about my latest likes and adventures and I really have the perfect post to kick off with! This weekend I teamed up with the amazing team at Proseccard and had the most incredible evening at Nuvo in Birmingham on Saturday night and tested out my latest plastic card in my purse which is quickly becoming my favourite. Proseccard offers a (literally magic!) card which offers you a limitless lifestyle with a number of locations around the West Midlands offering unlimited* Prosecco for just £29 a month. Obviously unlimited unfortunately (or probably safely!) doesn't mean unlimited but you're able to have 6 FREE GLASSES per day around the venues. For me living around an hour or so away from Birmingham Town centre I would only probably purchase the card if I knew I was heading into Birmingham that month - I go m