Proseccard X Nuvo

3 months without a blog post - its safe to say that I need to make up for it and today I'll be having a full blogging day and writing some posts about my latest likes and adventures and I really have the perfect post to kick off with!

This weekend I teamed up with the amazing team at Proseccard and had the most incredible evening at Nuvo in Birmingham on Saturday night and tested out my latest plastic card in my purse which is quickly becoming my favourite.

Proseccard offers a (literally magic!) card which offers you a limitless lifestyle with a number of locations around the West Midlands offering unlimited* Prosecco for just £29 a month. Obviously unlimited unfortunately (or probably safely!) doesn't mean unlimited but you're able to have 6 FREE GLASSES per day around the venues. For me living around an hour or so away from Birmingham Town centre I would only probably purchase the card if I knew I was heading into Birmingham that month - I go most months anyway. For anyone living further away then you may not find it beneficial but for those around the West Midlands (including the venues in Lichfield and Sutton Colefield) and maybe just want to go for a drink after work a couple of times a week this is perfect for you.

For £29 a month you can visit any of the venues that are teaming up with Proseccard and take advantage of a few cheeky glasses of fizz! I tested out my card in Nuvo in Birmingham on Saturday night and we just had the best night - I took my best friend, Laura, along with me to see what the excitement is about and we certainly took advantage of the card's offer of unlimited* Prosecco as well as the 2 for 1 cocktails that the wonderful Dan introduced us to. Dan was incredible and looked after us all night and talked about Nuvo and introduced us to the menu and chatted about the card itself too. We had only planned to stay for an hour or so but ended up staying around 6 hours - with the great atmosphere, late lounge vibes, variety of music, our card and of course now Dan, we couldn't bare to leave!

What made our night even more exciting was chilling out in the late lounge where they were holding a VIP event with some of the cast of TOWIE too so this was the cherry on the cake.

It's safe to say we weren't feeling too clever on Sunday morning but Laura and I both agreed that it was the best night we'd had in as long as we could remember - it wasn't a crazy night out and it was nice to just be able to chill, have a dance and a few drinks so this is certainly a brilliant location for if you're heading to Birmingham. We would definitely purchase a card if we are planning to hit the city again, even if it was just to use at Nuvo. For anyone who live in or close to Birmingham, head over to the Proseccard Website here for the full list of locations and information!


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