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Wedding (and slight life) update!

Feels like only 5 minutes ago since I did a wedding update but actually it was like 3 months ago - I'm just really slacking on my blogging game lately! The main reason (I'll start off with the little life update) I've slacked in the blogging department is the fact I have yet another new job! *squeals and jumps* I'm now an Account Manager for the INCRED NYX Professional Make Up and I'm managing a brand new counter in Leicester Debenahms! It's been SO exciting taking on such an amazing new role but stepping up to Manager position as well as doubling my hours, it's taken it's toll on the blog slightly :( But 3 months in, I feel so much more settled and for the first time in a couple of years (aka since working over Christmas at the pub) I feel I can get SO excited for Autumn/Winter and even CHRISTMAS which has really boosted my mood which makes me want to start typing more again :) Because of feeling settled and SO much happier, this has allowed me to r