Wedding (and slight life) update!

Feels like only 5 minutes ago since I did a wedding update but actually it was like 3 months ago - I'm just really slacking on my blogging game lately!

The main reason (I'll start off with the little life update) I've slacked in the blogging department is the fact I have yet another new job! *squeals and jumps* I'm now an Account Manager for the INCRED NYX Professional Make Up and I'm managing a brand new counter in Leicester Debenahms! It's been SO exciting taking on such an amazing new role but stepping up to Manager position as well as doubling my hours, it's taken it's toll on the blog slightly :( But 3 months in, I feel so much more settled and for the first time in a couple of years (aka since working over Christmas at the pub) I feel I can get SO excited for Autumn/Winter and even CHRISTMAS which has really boosted my mood which makes me want to start typing more again :)

Because of feeling settled and SO much happier, this has allowed me to really relax and feel comfortable that there's not going to be any new changes or any other new life choices I'll be needing to make and therefore we went ahead and BOOKED A NEW WEDDING VENUE! AAAAGGGHHHH!

We finally found a new venue (which wasn't the venue I was thinking about in the last post) and I'm so excited that we have now booked our wedding with a gorgeous new venue and a brand new date for next September.

Last year I "liked" a wedding venue called Pheasantry Brewery and instantly fell in love with it on Facebook but never genuinely considered the venue for our wedding as it seemed to far from where we ideally wanted to get married. It's popped up time and time again over the last year or so and I've always loved the photos that they put on and I've always admired their posts each time they came up when I was scrolling. A few weeks ago we had booked an appointment with another venue to go an have a 3rd or 4th look between us and pay for the deposit and officially book our big day, but something just didn't click in my head and they were really bad on the communication front and the night before at like 8pm I threw a strop and started looking at other venues online. Putting in "Nottingham Wedding Venues", Pheasantry Brewery (PB from now on) popped up yet again. Without even thinking I called the venue not expecting an answer but thought I'd leave a Voicemail and see if we can go there the next day instead. To my Surprise a Gent answered and we ended up chatting for a good 20 Minutes and less than 24 hours later, we were at the venue for the first time, looking around, meeting the wonderful Danielle (who would then turn out to be our wedding planner) and BOOKING OUR WEDDING!

So yes... we have rebooked our wedding at the gorgeous Pheasantry Brewery in Newark, Nottinghamshire for September 2019! We are going for a "pub theme" which I'll do a whole new post on with my favourite ideas on Pinterest and to gather up what we want to do! But how could I book our wedding and not do a Blog post?!

Exciting things are happening!


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