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Favourite Slimming World Breakfasts: BLOGTOBER

It’s been 3 months since I started Slimming World now and it’s safe to say I’ve had ups and downs but I finally feel like I’m getting more settled into it and that I feel knowledgable about syn values etc and since setting up a Slimming World Instagram which so many people suggested (sarahjack_sw) it's been great to see tips and tricks and other people's meal ideas. Before I started Slimming World (and the majority of the time now still) I don't do breakfast and I never have so trying to get into a routine has been tricky but I've made sure if I'm on a late shift or a day off I always cook myself a decent breakfast. I'm not a milk person and don't really have cereal and I'll only generally have porridge if it's really cold and I want something a little quicker than actually cooking something but I do have 2 favourite breakfasts that I cook most weeks: The Slimming World Fry Up  Spaghetti Hoops (now a syn for half a tin! Grrr). These are my go


We’ve started to think about wedding songs lately considering we now have less than a year. Now this is something we always knew we’d find tricky as our tastes in music are TOTAL opposite ends of a veeeery long spectrum. I love cheese and all things 90s and, well, anything they’d play in Popworld yet Nick is all about the dance, house, techno “doosh Doosh doosh’ kinda music that you’d get at a rave or a club in Ibiza. So picking the specific wedding songs was never going to be easy. Obviously we need a “walk down the isle” (WDTI) Song, “sign the book” (STB) Song, “walk out of the ceremony” (WOOTC) Song and most importantly a “first dance” song. So when we had a 3 hour drive this week I decided to make a playlist with any songs I thought would be nice for any of these occasions. It’s safe to say Nick was NOT impressed. The only song he liked was the one song I did like but couldn’t work out where I’d be able to put it - The Greatest Show! Typical. So we’re back to square one with Nick h

Autumn FOTD: Full Face Of NYX Professional Make Up. BLOGTOBER.

I said I’d fail Blogtober didn’t I. Already missed 2 days.. restarting with my current favourite Autumn look, it’s really simple, no fancy eye techniques and all my most used products are easy and quick to use. I love Autumn and these colours are the reason why!  FACE: Foundation : Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. Incredible 24 hour Wear with a matte full coverage! Leaves skin looking FLAWLESS!  Concealer : HD Concealer (set with Bareminerals Mineral Veil In Well Rested). Epically brightens under the eye!   Contour : Cream Pro as a base then set with the Pro Powder Contour palette to set and deepen the colour.  Blush : From the Love Contours all palette.. literally the only blush I own and use!  Highlight : Born To Glow palette. Gold around brow bone with the mix of the lightest 2 shades on the cheek bone. The absolute lightest shade at the tip of my nose.  EYES:  Shadow : Rebel Without A Cause. The darkest brown shade blended out with a dab of the yellow. Nice and simple . Glitter : Glitter Goa

2018: 90 Days Left Goals! BLOGTOBER DAY 2!

This morning Alfie Deyes Tweeted that there’s only 90 days left of 2018 - 90 days! Just let that sink in. And it got me thinking of everything I’ve done this year and even though I’ve changed my life for the better, made huge choices to improve everything from my physical to my mental health and even though I feel like a whole new person, there’s still so much I feel that I haven’t done.  So I’ve collected a few thoughts as I sit here in Costa pondering over a Bonfire Spiced Latte (which btw.. amazing!) and decided that I want to make the most of the last 3 months of the year that started so horrifically I didn’t know if I’d make it to the end of it. But I will and I’m so close... Really push myself at Slimming World. I’m losing weight every week but it’s only ever 1 or 2 pound. I know in my head that I’ve not been 100% to plan, I’ve had the odd extra Gin or I’ve had the odd Greggs Sausage Roll when I know I shouldn’t have, and after my meeting this morning I’ve decided I really want

Autumn Nail Favourites - BLOGTOBER DAY 1!

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh! ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR!  It’s October, it’s Autumn... dark and Autumnal nails are HERE. YAY. I’m also gonna give Blogtober ago to get myself motivated to blog more which I know will give my happiness a boost too and something to do throughout the month.. more about that soon!  But anyone who knows me know I’m absolutely a nail person and I’m trying harder lately to look after my nails since taking my acrylics off again so I’m back to using the love of my life, OPI Nail Envy every day and as a base coat along with my Seche Vita Top coat which is just life.  And I’ve selected my favourite Autumn nails that I’ll be wearing this season for some Nailspiration - Tweet me any other recommendations that I need to be purchasing ;)  No7 Pink Mocha / Olive Barry M Gelly Shine Black Cherry / Paprika Essie Angora’s Cardi Twitter & Instagram: MsSarahjack xox