Autumn Nail Favourites - BLOGTOBER DAY 1!

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh! ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR! 

It’s October, it’s Autumn... dark and Autumnal nails are HERE. YAY. I’m also gonna give Blogtober ago to get myself motivated to blog more which I know will give my happiness a boost too and something to do throughout the month.. more about that soon! 

But anyone who knows me know I’m absolutely a nail person and I’m trying harder lately to look after my nails since taking my acrylics off again so I’m back to using the love of my life, OPI Nail Envy every day and as a base coat along with my Seche Vita Top coat which is just life. 

And I’ve selected my favourite Autumn nails that I’ll be wearing this season for some Nailspiration - Tweet me any other recommendations that I need to be purchasing ;) 

No7 Pink Mocha / Olive
Barry M Gelly Shine Black Cherry / Paprika
Essie Angora’s Cardi

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