Favourite Slimming World Breakfasts: BLOGTOBER

It’s been 3 months since I started Slimming World now and it’s safe to say I’ve had ups and downs but I finally feel like I’m getting more settled into it and that I feel knowledgable about syn values etc and since setting up a Slimming World Instagram which so many people suggested (sarahjack_sw) it's been great to see tips and tricks and other people's meal ideas.

Before I started Slimming World (and the majority of the time now still) I don't do breakfast and I never have so trying to get into a routine has been tricky but I've made sure if I'm on a late shift or a day off I always cook myself a decent breakfast. I'm not a milk person and don't really have cereal and I'll only generally have porridge if it's really cold and I want something a little quicker than actually cooking something but I do have 2 favourite breakfasts that I cook most weeks:

The Slimming World Fry Up 
Spaghetti Hoops (now a syn for half a tin! Grrr). These are my go to as I HATE beans!
Slimming World Iceland Sausages (syn free)
Mushrooms, tomatos and Eggs (syn free)
Home Made Hash Browns (grated potato, water drained, mixed with egg, cooked in a muffin tray for 20 mins, maybe a dash of cheese on top for last few minutes) - (syn free) 

Everything-in-the-pan Hash
This is my latest favourite breakfast and it's amazing if you just need to use up stuff in the fridge or add whatever you fancy in. You can add syns or have it Syn free.. I do have a standard though and it is Syn Free: 
SW Iceland Sausages, tomatoes (sliced), mushrooms, chopped new potatoes (tinned) all cooked off in a frying pan then chuck it under the grill for a few minutes to cook some egg! You can also add cheese too or even some herbs. This is definitely a favourite for me and even for Nick too. 

Are you on Slimming World? How are you getting on? Please send me tips and tricks and if you have any favourite recipes please for the love of god let me know! I am always looking for Inspiration!

Slimming World Instagram: SarahJack_SW 


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