We’ve started to think about wedding songs lately considering we now have less than a year. Now this is something we always knew we’d find tricky as our tastes in music are TOTAL opposite ends of a veeeery long spectrum. I love cheese and all things 90s and, well, anything they’d play in Popworld yet Nick is all about the dance, house, techno “doosh Doosh doosh’ kinda music that you’d get at a rave or a club in Ibiza. So picking the specific wedding songs was never going to be easy.

Obviously we need a “walk down the isle” (WDTI) Song, “sign the book” (STB) Song, “walk out of the ceremony” (WOOTC) Song and most importantly a “first dance” song. So when we had a 3 hour drive this week I decided to make a playlist with any songs I thought would be nice for any of these occasions. It’s safe to say Nick was NOT impressed.

The only song he liked was the one song I did like but couldn’t work out where I’d be able to put it - The Greatest Show! Typical. So we’re back to square one with Nick having safely put a line through the majority of the songs I’d liked so fellow brides, tell me - what songs should I be listening to?! I want a nice slowish one for WDTI and of course the first dance; I loooove my girl, Karen David’s “Heartstrings” and any of the Kylie tracks from the Abbey Road Album, but for STB and WOOTC I want something a little more upbeat; The Lumineers “Ho Hey” is probably one of my favs for either of these! 

There’s also the classics that will always be on the list, “Halo”, “You’ve got the Love”, “Iris” and I guess anything by Shania Twain (apart from the one Nick has already crossed out)! 

I definitely need to widen my variety of music and my wedding song options so please help me save my sanity and Tweet me with Suggestions before I lose my mind and cancel the wedding altogether *laughing emoji!*

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