Beauty Bay Bragging Rights Haul!

2 blog posts in one week... who'd have thought! 

I was so bloody late on this one and I'm not the most "trendy" person when it comes to make up or being quick on the sales, but I did bag a few bargains in the Beauty Bay Bragging Rights sales and got some new goodies with 30-50% discount. I'll do a full blog post with reviews on the products I LOVE but in the mean time, this is what I treated myself too. 

Definitely excited to try this one to see if the magic really works and I'm sure if it does then it's something I'll be purchasing closer to the wedding. I've used Charcoal toothpastes before and they've been amazing but I've never used the powder. 

I've never been one to sleep brilliantly, but lately with so much going on I've barely slept at all and it's really starting to get me down so I thought while the Dream Team was on offer, I'd give it ago and get a small set to try before buying the full size products. I've used them once and they smell incredible and I'm pretty sure I passed out as soon as I closed my eyes. The set I got has sold out but the link is to a very similar set. 

Anyone who knows me know's I'll try any kinda fake tan and especially those on a sale! I saw the Tan Luxe oil half price and ordered it straight away. I've never used it before but it's the one product I've used a few times since ordering. It's different from those I've tried as you have to mix it with your body lotion but it goes on so evenly and leaves a lovely colour to the skin. My only issue with this is because the lotion sinks into your hands, I've had orange hands the last few days! Ooops. 

Believe it or not, and I'm probably the only MUA or anyone working in make up in the world, but this is my first EVER Jeffree Star product. I KNOW! It's taken me this long but I thought why not give one a go while they're on offer. I've worn it once so far and I can absolutely see the world wide obsession with them! 

Never heard of the brand before but I'm open to pretty much any brand when it comes to Glitter. There was only a couple of colours left in stock betime I got there but I picked what looked like a nice rose gold shade. I've tried it once and the colour is stunning and the pigment is incredible. Can't wait to use this properly. 

I've used these before in different colours and Revolution is one of my favourite brands so I thought I'd pick up a new "inner corner" colour ready for Christmas! 


My gal Meg has banged on about this foundation for as long as I've known her and she told me if I'm going to order anything I NEED to order the wet n wild foundation. I didn't really know which shade I was so I ordered a couple so I had a natural and a fake tan shade and could mix them if needed. I've used them for 2 days now and I can see why she loves them so much. Pretty sure they'll be in my November favs! 

This was the first time ordering on Beauty Bay and it's safe to say I felt untrendy and old with the mega hype around it but I can definitely see why the Bragging Rights sale was so popular - there was some incredible products on sale with some mega savings. I only did a small order as I'm trying to save for Christmas and I really didn't need any of it (hey ho!) but it's nice to try new things out and make the most of saving money while doing it. 

Did you do a Beauty Bay Bragging Rights shop? What did you get? Let me know if there's anything I still need to try! 

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