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REVIEW: Aldi Make Up

I'm a little late on the bandwagon I know - but I was meant to write this post when I took the photos nearly a month ago! You know me by now.  I just HAD to give the Aldi Make Up a go when I saw that they'd launched their own line of make up - particularly when I saw the photos and saw they were based on (let's face it.. they are!) some of our favourite Make Up Products by our favourite, more high end, brands. There was a lot of talk around whether they were seriously clever for pulling this out the bag or downright out of order but yano what, if it works, and it definitely did, then I say they should go for it - and go for it they did!  I've been trying out these for a while now, since the day they came out to be exact. Yes, I was that person who was fighting their way through Aldi to find the make up isle and I'm gonna start with the one single product I actually didn't really get on with. The Mascara. "Too Legit", which is a "dupe"