REVIEW: Aldi Make Up

I'm a little late on the bandwagon I know - but I was meant to write this post when I took the photos nearly a month ago! You know me by now. 

I just HAD to give the Aldi Make Up a go when I saw that they'd launched their own line of make up - particularly when I saw the photos and saw they were based on (let's face it.. they are!) some of our favourite Make Up Products by our favourite, more high end, brands. There was a lot of talk around whether they were seriously clever for pulling this out the bag or downright out of order but yano what, if it works, and it definitely did, then I say they should go for it - and go for it they did! 

I've been trying out these for a while now, since the day they came out to be exact. Yes, I was that person who was fighting their way through Aldi to find the make up isle and I'm gonna start with the one single product I actually didn't really get on with. The Mascara. "Too Legit", which is a "dupe" for the Benefit They're Real Mascara (which I LOVE). The packaging is very similar with very similar writing - the product however, not so much! It was quite a thin texture and just didn't seem to build up without clumping and then when it did build up a half decent look, it was the BIIIIGGEST pain in the arse to try and get off. Warm water, Liz Earle cleanser, make up wipes you name it. It was a bloody nightmare to get off and I ended up just picking it off. Don't get me wrong, to make it fair I did try it a couple of times but it still didn't make me love it anymore. 

Now.. moving on to something a little more exciting!

The dupe for the "Sculpt Duo and Highlight" by the queen, Charlotte Tilbury. The packaging, like the original, is just beautiful and the highlight has the most incredible glow to it. I absolutely love the lighter shade of the duo and it's a gorgeous highlight for all areas of the face. The darker tone is slightly too light for contouring however it's perfect for when I've got fake tan on or I just want a darker eye look. It's super pigmented and easy to use too. Definitely probably my favourite out of the range. 

The Benefit "Hoola" brozner was the one I was most excited to try, the Aloha Bronzer to be exact. The bronzer is almost exactly the same in terms of packaging, the look, even the texture of the bristles on the brush. The colour of the bronzer however is quite a bit lighter - which for me is fine as I'm naturally a milk bottle or it's decent for a basic all over bronzer but it does come out slightly grey if you're going to contour with it. But as a general bronzer for fair skin, it's definitely worth a try. 

Last but not least is the "Nars Blusher" - I'm not too sure what shade it's meant to be based on as I feel like it's darker and more pink than Orgasm which is the most popular shade, but it's a lovely subtle shade of a salmon, peachy pink. It's got a really light shimmer to it too so it's a lovely product. I did read somewhere that you had to start to scratch the surface to start to get any pigment off (I have no idea why this is) but it was true. At first there was absolutely nothing from the product coming on to the brush or even my finger but once I'd scratched off the top layer we were off! 

Definitely a cute little blush in itself, whether it's similar to Nars or not, and it's great just to chuck in your hand bag as it's got the mirror on the inside too! 

I've not managed to find the full range in my local Aldi as it isn't the biggest store but I'm chuffed to have managed to try out what would probably be my favourite products anyway, and apart from the Mascara, I'm generally really impressed! For less than £6 each I think that you really can't go wrong and for those on a tighter budget, or maybe looking for little stocking fillers, I'd definitely get down to your local Aldi! 

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