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Get The Glow: With Revolution

Anyone who knows me knows I am aaaaaaall about that matte finish.. all about the matte, 'bout the matte! Matte everything - and I aways have been! I've never event attempted a dewy look as it's not a look I thought I liked on myself.. HOWEVER.. lately, I've been persuaded by "the glow" after admiring my girl, Meg's, make up at work as well as trying to change up my make up since my skin has dried a little in the cold weather. I've recently been using a dewy finish primer under my foundation to start off with, little steps and all that. But I've been looking at purchasing the Revolution "Glow Revolution Prime Set And Glow" sprays for a while and to beat the January blues, I decided to treat myself.  The sprays are incredible - they're so easy to use, light way and not too over the top which was my biggest worry. They have a lovely "shimmer" to them which close up does look a little like glitter, but in a casual glance, t

Favourite Places to Eat and Drink in Leicester

I can't believe we've been in Leicester a year next month - it's absolutely flown by! But sorting out and organising the photos on my phone a couple of weeks ago made me realise that we've been to some fab places in town since we moved so I thought I'd share a few of my favourites - this time of year is a bit naff isn't it really? So hopefully these give you some inspiration for a date day or a date night, whether it's for cocktails or coffees, pizzas or burgers.. here's where we've loved visiting in the last year... 1) One of my FAVOURITE places since moving to Leicester and it's literally a couple of hundred yards from where we live in Wigston; The Tap and Barrell . A fab little Gin and Ale bar on Wigston High Street - selling a huge variety of ales and ciders, and certainly enough Gin to keep me going, there's something for everyone. Rob and Lou, the owners, are some of the nicest people you could ever meet and they absolutely make the T

2018 Beauty Favourites

So the end of 2018 will obviously bring a number of "2018 favourite" posts and I'm starting off with the standard beauty/fashion favourite kinda post. 2018 was a great year for me in terms of trying new products, the launch of new products and really upping my make up game - as well as treating myself to plenty of new goodies that I'd never used before.  Especially now being back in the make up game, and working alongside my gorgeous girl who is younger and more hip and up to date than me, she teaches me daily about new products, the products I need to try and also who half these big and famous Instagrammers are so I took some of her recommendations over the last 6 months..  1) Leopard Print Coat (Debenhams) My "dress up" coat for Winter 2018 for when I was going to somewhere a little smarter and dressier or for a more special occasion. It's definitely a coat that I'll be wearing for the next few years.  PS - It's now in the sale