2018 Beauty Favourites

So the end of 2018 will obviously bring a number of "2018 favourite" posts and I'm starting off with the standard beauty/fashion favourite kinda post. 2018 was a great year for me in terms of trying new products, the launch of new products and really upping my make up game - as well as treating myself to plenty of new goodies that I'd never used before. 

Especially now being back in the make up game, and working alongside my gorgeous girl who is younger and more hip and up to date than me, she teaches me daily about new products, the products I need to try and also who half these big and famous Instagrammers are so I took some of her recommendations over the last 6 months.. 

1) Leopard Print Coat (Debenhams)
My "dress up" coat for Winter 2018 for when I was going to somewhere a little smarter and dressier or for a more special occasion. It's definitely a coat that I'll be wearing for the next few years. 
PS - It's now in the sale in stores! (sold out online). 
2) Tan Luxe The Body Self Tan Drops 
As I  write this post I'm trying not to lean my arms on the laptop keyboard so I don't make it oily! Hands down one of my new favourite ever fake tans. It's a gorgeous colour when mixed in with your body lotion and put on before bed. It always surprises me the next morning when I wake up how even it goes on. I managed to get this on the Beauty Bay Bragging Rights sale but I think I'd definitely pay full price when it runs out. 

3) Wet n Wild Foundation 
My girl's main recommendation and must-buy from the BB BR sale! And I can absolutely see the hype - even though I brought 2 and neither are the perfect shade, either mixed together or with another foundation, they give an amazing, full coverage and last all day! For less than a tenner, you really cannot go wrong with my new foundation must have. 

4) Aldi Highlight and Sculpt - Charlotte Tilbury Dupe
Read my full blogpost reviewing the Aldi Make Up Here.

5) Black Dogtooth Coat (Primark)
I only purchased this November on the way to a funeral but I've worn it so much since! It's great as a smart coat (like for a funeral!) or even over jeans and trainers and big jumpers and it seems to be quite trendy this year due to it's long length. It was £30 but it's great material and again, it's a coat I know I'll be wearing for the next few years. 

6) Kat Von D Fetish Pallette 
Another late comer within the year but oh my DAYS, I never spend too much money on make up and this is certainly the most expensive product I own but it's incredible! The colours are insanely pigmented and blend beautifully. I didn't know how I'd get a lot of looks from it and thought I may end up just doing the same looks over and over again but I've worn it every time I've done my make up on a day off. 

7) NYX Professional Make Up Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation 
Cannot do a favourite without mentioning one of my own now, can I? And a bloody good foundation it will be. I don't want to sound over dramatic but it's genuinely been a life changer for myself with my oily skin and matte loving heart. I love everything about the 24-hour, matte finish foundation and I'm beyond excited for the launch of the new CSWS Concealer. I did a post using a full face of NYX Professional Make Up, including the foundation, here

8) Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer 
This was one that I was a little unsure about to start with, and every now and then I second guess it but the majority of the time I LOVE it. The only thing I'm not sure of is the slight extra effort it takes to blend as it's a thicker consistency than a regular concealer. But once blended it's INSANE. It's full coverage, brightening and doesn't budge. Definitely recommend! 

9) Directions Hair Colours
So I made this photo collage a couple of weeks ago when I'd planned to actually do the blogpost so I've fallen out with the hair colour I specifically used (turquoise) purely for the fact I can't bloody get it out! But when I first applied it and for the first month or so, the colour was bloody amazing and I've never had so many compliments on my hair in my entire life. I fell in love with my hair all over again for the first time in months, even with the bleach and the colour, it was so shiny and soft! I love the colour range that Directions do and they're so cheap too. But just be prepared to make the effort to remove it! (Totally worth it though!)

2018 was a BIG year for new products and trying new things, and I have a feeling that 2019 will be no different! If there's anything that I need to try out in 2019, be sure to Tweet me!

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