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REVIEW: Zoella Brunch Date

Yes.. I caved! And I will happily hold my hands up and say how excited I was to see that Zoe had brought out a brand new make up range with Colour pop! And I know I'm super late in getting this post up, but I've been taking the time to really test the palette and try out new looks with it before I post my thoughts.  As much as I love the Zoella skincare ranges, I was so excited to see Zoe bring out Make up as I'm definitely more into my make up rather than skincare - especially when it's a collab with Colourpop! I actually brought the Brunch Date palette the moment it launched and I especially like how prepared both sides were to ensure that nothing sold out straight away which is what I expected.  For £18, the palette is a firm favourite on my dressing table already as the shadows themselves are wonderfully pigmented. I particularly go for neutral and warm tones in any make up products I use for the most part so this was perfect for me - even the blue is so us