REVIEW: Benefit Cheekleader - Bronze Squad

One of my HUGE loves throughout early Spring has been the new Bronze Squad Cheekleader by the amazing team at Benefit! I picked this up from the gorgeous Benebabes in Debenhams in Leicester a few weeks ago and I've been using it pretty much every single day when I've not been at work.

I am a lover of the original Hoola but have generally never used anything else from Benefit apart from this, Benetint and the classic Erase Paste so I was super excited to try the Cheekleader. The palette has the perfect product for everyone, no matter what skin colour or tone you are and it's a great product if you're just getting into make up for you to play with, equally it's perfect if you travel and don't want to take a bronzer, highlighter and blush separately. It also comes with the popular square Benefit make up brush too so it's great to just chuck in your bag to top up throughout the day if needed.

I'm not a blush user personally and I normally stick to just bronzer but the Coralista blush is such a nice, subtle, neutral peach tone that it's great for me just to add a little extra colour, particularly if I'm without fake tan and look like a milk bottle - Gold Rush is a gorgeous deep pink shade with a little shimmer too which is nice as a blush or as a highlight.

In terms of the Hoola shades, the regular Hoola will always be a "must have" in my make up bag but the new Hoola Caramel is certainly a new favourite! It's a lot more of a caramel/yellow toned bronzer so it's perfect for when I'm wearing fake tan or want a warmer toned look. The Hoola Caramel is certainly the shade that I've used most out of the palette but the new exclusive highlight in Cookie, is second. 

Cookie is an exclusive shade that is currently only available in the Cheekleader until Autumn this year and is amazing for all skin tones with a "rose champagne" finish which is super buildable and amazing for the inner corner to finish off an eye look too. It's safe to say it definitely challenges the higher end highlighters from Fenty, Ofra and Nars so I just need to make sure I don't use it all before it's realised on it's own! 

It really is a fantastic palette and even though the price of £52 took my breath away slightly to start with, each of the shades on their own are over £20 each so this is absolutely worth every penny. It's not a palette either that has "one of those shades" that you never use and with the mirror too, it really does have everything you could need. I've really loved using it and it's certainly one of my favourite products of 2019 so far. Also helps that the Benebabes in Debenhams Leicester are absolute dolls! 

What are your Must have Benefit beauties? I definitely feel like I need to try new things! 



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