BrewDog Birmingham: LoneWolf Distillery Tour

While in Birmingham a few weeks ago, it popped up on my Instagram that Brewdog's own Spirit brand; LoneWolf, was hosting a "distillery tour" in their Birmingham Bar! It was the best idea to round off our couple of days away. 

The event was hosted by the Head of Distillation at Brewdog Distilling Co., Steven and the LoneWolf team. It was a fantastic atmosphere and it was great to go to an event where it wasn't overcrowded with so many people you didn't have time to chat to the hosts. I knew a little about LoneWolf as I already have bottles of their Gin and Vodka at home and as Nick is an avid Brewdog fan, we visit the Leicester bar quite a lot. But it was so interesting to learn how LoneWolf came about and to learn how some of my favourite spirits are actually made. 

When we arrived into Brewdog we were greeted with a (very much welcoming) LoneWolf G&T to kick start proceedings and it was great to have a chat with other fanatics before getting started. 

Steven introduced us to, what I'm sure will be my favourite Summer Gin, the Cloudy Lemon Gin! We got a taster too and was even advised on the best way to sip on the tipple to ensure that you enjoy it at it's best potential - it was even drinkable with just a cube of ice! With over 2000kg of Lemons put into it,  along with pink peppercorns, grapefruit peels, lemongrass and lavender, it really has got an outstanding citrus taste that steps it way ahead of any regular gin. 

The Cloudy Lemon gin is £26 for 700ml in Brewdog bars or online. 

Another new treat launching soon is the Zealot Heart Gin - hand made by Brewdog at their home in Aberdeenshire and you can see from the list of ingredients that it's all made from scratch and the compilation of flavours allowed me to actually enjoy a non-flavoured gin on it's own, without a mixer. It's almost "spicy" flavourings would definitely made for an ideal tipple at any event. As the bottle says in regards to the ingredients; "only the worthiest are selected, but ultimately it is in the juniper that we trust". 

I love that Brewdog are stepping away from just beers and bringing our their own Brewdog branded spirits and the amount of time and effort that Steven and the team have gone into is insane, everything from the Gin itself, right down to the bottle and design.

Zealots Heart has not yet been launched (making it even more exciting to try!) 

If I hadn't been a fan anyway, what would've attracted me to the LoneWolf range (which is also available in cans and from local supermarkets) is the MENTAL packaging! The insane amount of beautiful detail is unlike you'd find on any bottle down the alcohol isles and it's bottles like these that I'll definitely end up keeping to put fairy lights, flowers or candles in after. 

After the Gin tasting, we got a chance to view and also try the new range of whiskies coming to Brewdog this year - each of the 3 tipples have been carefully selected to go alongside each of their most popular beers with the Transistor being paired with Nick's all time favourite and the Brewdog classic; Punk IPA, Torpedo going alongside Dead Pony Club and finally the Brewdog Stout; Jet Black Heart has been paired with Skeleton key. Again, each of the packaging has been carefully designed so the colour matches each of the beer's packaging! I'm not a bit whiskey drinker but giving them a try and learning more about their distillery process was a fantastic way to top off the afternoon. 

The epic amounts of love, care and thought that goes into each bottle is so visible and that really shows from Steven and the team he was with - even just stalking through Brewdog and LoneWolf's social media pages, there's so much information about them and the best ways to drink each of them - and even a few odd cocktail recipes. People always assume that Brewdog is for blokes, or women who like beer - but I will safely say I do noooot like beer and this just proves the stereotype incorrect. Brewdog really is for everyone and is popular with such a mix of ages too. 

Thank you to the Birmingham Brewdog; LoneWolf and distilling team for a fabulous afternoon of spirit tasting! 

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