Costa Teguise - Lanzarote - Best Bits

I can't believe I'm actually making a post about our honeymoon - this is crazy! It's all over - but I will be reliving the wedding and everything surrounding it over a series of blog posts ;)

But in the mean time, Nick suggested I did a little post about the highlights of our mini-moon in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote especially as I've enjoyed being in a little facebook group just for those who are visiting or living in (GOALS) the area. So I hope someone who is visiting soon finds these little best bits useful for future trips! I love Lanzarote and I've been 10+ times now, staying at the same hotel all but 2 times, anyone who knows me knows it's my go-to and since meeting Nick, he's fell in love with the Island too. And there's plenty of reason why...

A cocktail called "The Lighthouse" at a bar called... you guessed it, "The Lighthouse" is our all time favourite cocktail, year in year out. It's super fruity and refreshing and only 7 euros. It's a great place for food and a cocktail menu and has live music and tribute nights every night too.

Now this was a tough choice and we had a couple of reeeeally good burgers along the sea front during our visit - but our favourite was the Jack Daniels Burger at Fuel Stop. Super tastey and filling, graet chips and salad too to go with it. With a great drink menu and the best view of the sea too, it's definitely worth stopping by for some lunch/

The one thing Nick was desperate for was a nice, cold coffee! We remembered we've been to the Surf bar on the corner of the beach a few years ago so checked it out again! Nick had an Iced coffee and I had one with Caramel and they were amazing - more of a milkshake but really tastey and extra special - plus again, an amazing view!

My best friend was also in the same place at the same time (obviously we planned this very well ;)) so we did a couple of quiz nights together as a group as we're both quiz couples back at home. Even though we ended up late to the game, the Quiz at Dolphin Inn was fab. It was clearly popular with people even standing outside waiting for a table. We had a great selection of cocktail jugs for less than 15 Euro each. The staff and Quiz host were fab and fun and made the atmostphere even better. Would definitely recommend checking out their Facebook page for Quiz days and times.

As a group we also did an escape room at "Try to Escape Lanzarote" one morning when it was cloudy and miserable and it was safe to say it was a challenge. We made it with seconds to spare and it was SO much fun. I genuinely didn't know what to expect with it being in a different country but it was ace. I won't give much away (no cheating!) but for 16 Euro per person and walking distance from Costa Teguise, this is a definite if you have some time to kill or don't know what to do when the clouds roll in.

I'd give anything to be back in Lanzarote right now rather than just getting home from work but hoping it won't be too long before we're back again. I hope this little post helps anyone who is looking for a cold coffee, a good burger or a quiz night - talk about Brits abroad!

In the mean time, I'd better get on with some wedding posts!


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