Autumn Fashion Wish List

It’s that time of year where you realise despite having spent a fair amount of £££ last year on new winter clothes - you have nothing to wear in the cold. Am I the only one? Surely not! 

I remember specifically last year buying 2 new coats and a pair of boots which I still live in but other than that, I don’t think I recall falling in love with something so much I’ve kept it to hand for this Autumn/Winter - I do have a bit of a habit of just charity shop-ing anything when the season finishes due to not having a massive amount of wardrobe space. But that just means I have an excuse to go shopping... right?! ;) 

This year I’ve already been on the hunt for a few new Winter Wardrobe Staples and I’ve definitely got a few pieces I have my eye on. Anyone who knows me knows I live in black - even in the Summer I’m rarely not wearing black. I think it partly has to Do with wearing black for work and I don’t often buy stuff I can’t wear for work as that’s where I spend my time most - but this Winter I’ve decided I want to add a little colour, maybe not a lot, but just a touch of something to mark the Autumnal season.

Top: New Look, New Look, Topshop
Middle: Very, New Look, Topshop
Bottom: ASOS, ASOS, Very

This year I’m going to try and find myself a nice big winter coat - maybe 2! I do need to be more practical as it’s a running joke in my family that I’ll turn up in jeans and a t shirt when we’re going out walking in the cold! So I need to make sure this year I’m prepared - I’m loving both these coats above and even though they’re so different, I feel like it would be nice to have a “fancy” coat and an “every day” coat. 

Jumpers for me are a must as it’s what I feel most comfortable in and in the attempt to add a touch of colour, I’m definitely going to hunt down these ones - I might even get brave and got for a this cool print jumper! I’ll see how brave I’m feeling. 

I don’t have any nights out or anything exciting planned where I need to be wearing a dress, but I love the colour and the fit of this dress from ASOS. It’s very similar to one that one of my best gals wore to my wedding and it looked amazing with a tan so I think I need to find a reason to book in a night out maybe around my birthday! 

I generally love AW more than any season so I’ll definitely be shopping around this year for some new staple pieces - and make sure I keep the ones I love for years to come.

Is there anywhere I need to be checking out for a nice new wardrobe bargain?! Aaaaaall the recommendations welcome! 

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