Our Wedding: Pinterest Vs Reality

I can't believe I'm actually writing a WEDDING BLOG POST. WHA?

Yep. It's all over. I'm now married. A Mrs.

To stop myself getting down and depressed that it's all over, I keep looking back over photos and reliving it. It wasn't until I went on Pinterest and the first thing that came up was a wedding dress, I realised that it was time to say goodbye to my most pinned board EVER. But as I was scrolling thought it, it made me realise how much I had tried to follow the photos I saw to make my dream wedding. It's certainly interesting looking back at what I pinned and what I liked the look of compared to how it actually turned out... Let's compare!

I'll start with the biggest part of the wedding I guess. My dress. It was everything I didn't want. I didn't want anything big or puffy as you can see from the photos I'd already saved. But when it came to trying them on, I realised I definitely did NOT have the figure to wear a dress which I wanted or that I'd seen on Pinterest! I tried a few on in Wed2B in Nottingham and I just felt like I was going to leave with nothing - I felt so shit as I felt like I looked like a whale until our wonderful assistant showed me one that I initially turned my nose up at as it was too big, and too fancy! But my GOD, I knew it was the one as soon as I saw it. So lesson learned - never just assume you'll get what you see or what you think you want - it's true what they say, you always end up with what you didn't think you wanted!


I went to a wedding last year for the weekend and it was all absolutely amazing but one of my favourite things was that there was cute little hotel room welcome bags left in each room - I saw these on Pinterest and remembered how much I loved them so I decided to make my own considering we'd booked out pretty much a whole hotel for the weekend for our guests. 

I spent aaages making up the hotel room bags and they were one of the most talked about things of the big day/weekend. I went on Amazon and ordered just plain white paper bags and also some smaller cellophane bags. I filled them with snacks, tissues, pain killers and plasters (just incase!), the confetti also went in the bags too - but my favourite part was the mini snack bags in each one with "Her favourite" and "His favourite" stickers on each, filling each back with our individual favourite sweets and snacks. It was also the perfect place to put our weekend itinerary! 


We knew our theme was a "pub theme" and when I repeatedly saw Gin bottle centre pieces popping up when I was on a scrolling mission, I knew this is what we needed to do. 1 year and 100+ bottles later, we managed it! It was a bloody nightmare trying to get 8 lots of 3 of the same bottle - I mean it does help the fact we manage a pub and live above it so we have easy access to empty bottles, but it did mean that towards the end when I was in need of 2 or 3 specific bottles, I was trying to only drink those Gins if I did go down for a drink. We managed it though.. just! And they looked amazing - we had several of the same bottle on teach table; one with flowers, one with lights/extra flowers and one with a Pub Quiz - yes, a pub quiz! We made the Quiz 20 Questions, 10 about us and 10 with answers relating to places we've lived/been on holiday!


Obviously with centre pieces, comes a table plan! And one of the reasons we needed the extra bottles was to use one on the ladder which the table plan was built on so people knew which Gin bottle they were looking for. This was hands down one of my favourite parts of the Venue! 


We knew all along we wanted a dusky pink colour for the Bridesmaids dresses and I didn't even really go looking for any as in the January sale I was walking through work (Debenhams) and I saw 1 on the end of the sale rail that grabbed my attention. I ran over and tried to fight off the heards of people around the sale items and there was literally THREE dresses left. I grabbed all 3 and walked away - luckily they were the 3 sizes I actually wanted - It was meant to be! They were gorgeous dresses and the colour was perfect. I had thought that even if I find other ones I could just sell them - I did look around and have a nosey online as part of me liked the idea of having 3 different dresses for them. But I stuck with my first choice and I'm so glad we did.

Reality: (How GORG do my girls look?)

Flowers were the one thing that I didn't, not necessarily care about, but it wasn't at the top of my list of things to think about really. That was until I met Jenny from Flower Barn - she built up the perfect bouquet from Ideas I didn't really think I had. I wanted something simple, light and something rustic to fit the venue.

What I loved about Jenny and the Flower Barn gang, is the fact we were way under budget with the bouquets/flower buttons so we gave her 40 gin bottles which she filled with flowers and placed around the venue to decorate - they looked absolutely stunning. It was even more special to us as there was that many, our family and friends all took some home. I've got some pressed at the moment until I can decide what to do with them. (Please message me with any inspo or ideas)!


Finally.. the cake! One of the first things I'd pretty much decided on. We were lucky enough to actually have part of the budget for our venue to use on a 3-tier cake, but with Nick's amazing and talented Aunty offering to do a cake as our wedding present, our wedding planner suggested using the budget to do another type of cake for the evening - we ended up having a 3 tier cheesecake cake. IT. WAS. AMAZING.

But it made it even more special to have our actual wedding cake made by a family member too - we went for a tier of vanilla, 1 chocolate and one lemon. It was perfect and Marion did the most amazing job of fitting it in with the venue and decorations - we knew we wanted it white with gold painted onto it and it was just stunning!


I still cannot get over the fact it's all done and dusted - I can't fathom in my head that it's over with and I've been back to work 3 weeks already. It was the most AMAZING day and it's a day people are still talking about - from beginning to end, all the little details, everything I'd made from scratch - it was worth every second, worth every penny!

I could go on forever but I'll leave it here and maybe do a Wedding Q&A Post!

Until then... *day dreams about wedding again*



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