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November Favourites: Places to Eat

So as I didn't really have any new products throughout November, I have decided to still do a favourites post, but something a little different. I realised when looking through my camera roll that I'd been to some super lovely places throughout the last couple of months - especially through November. I thought I'd do a run down for anyone who is local to Leicester of where to try throughout the festive season.  I recently visted Gates Garden Centre and whilst the Garden Centre itself didn't excite me too much (this was before the Christmas areas launched though.. I'm sure it would be a different story now!), they have the most incredible farm shop with a huge selection of food- fresh food, meat, puddings, snacks and even a great selection of local gins, beers and drinks. We took away some pies for dinner and some puddings, Nick also picked up a couple of local beers too and they were all delicious. Some come frozen too so it's perfect for picking up th

Black Friday Haul

Black Friday already feels like forever ago but I’ve been waiting to some parcels to arrive (at what point 5 days before Christmas do I panic that some aren’t here?) so I thought I’d do a little run down of a Black Friday hail as this year I definitely went overboard and I’ve really enjoyed seeing what everyone bagged in the sales!  From I managed to get FIFA20 (RIP relationship)  for £36 which I was buzzing about - refused to pay £50+ for a game that would mean my husband ignores me for months on end!  I also got a few little bits and pieces and Christmas presents including an Alexa (£22!) which Nick also brought me so now we have 2 but ah well.. I also didn’t know that did the Disney Creations - we have a little gift shop near us which sells them for £80+ but I got Mrs Potts and Chip for just £30 for one of my best friends.  I saw that Soph did a video about the Mylee range of Gel Nail equipment and colours and mentioned that they had an offer on so I jumped at