Black Friday Haul

Black Friday already feels like forever ago but I’ve been waiting to some parcels to arrive (at what point 5 days before Christmas do I panic that some aren’t here?) so I thought I’d do a little run down of a Black Friday hail as this year I definitely went overboard and I’ve really enjoyed seeing what everyone bagged in the sales! 

From I managed to get FIFA20 (RIP relationship)  for £36 which I was buzzing about - refused to pay £50+ for a game that would mean my husband ignores me for months on end! 

I also got a few little bits and pieces and Christmas presents including an Alexa (£22!) which Nick also brought me so now we have 2 but ah well.. I also didn’t know that did the Disney Creations - we have a little gift shop near us which sells them for £80+ but I got Mrs Potts and Chip for just £30 for one of my best friends. 

I saw that Soph did a video about the Mylee range of Gel Nail equipment and colours and mentioned that they had an offer on so I jumped at the chance to pick up some new kit - I got a lamp, 4 colours with prep products for £53 - considering I’d brought a new lamp the week before for £50, it’s safe to say it went back! I also picked up a gorgeous set of colours too. 

I’ve finally purchased something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now, it’s something we’ve talked about a lot but considering it was Black Friday with extra discount in the shop if you had them, we brought shares in Brewdog! 

Anyone who knows me or knows us knows we love Brewdog - between us we’ve got beer, gin, food and cool Merch! What else could we want?! After setting these up, I then ordered some of the LoneWolf Gin merch and a Brewdog jumper. I was going to get them anyway and treat myself but they were even cheaper if you had shares. So why not?! Discount for life on beer and gin! 

I love the t’s - super cool and comfy and the jumper is amazing! I got them all in Large so they’re a little oversized and they’re all brilliant! 

Sticking with the clothing theme, I got 2 t shirts in the same for about £7 each! I was just flicking through and saw the “Are we having fun yet?” Slogan and just HAD to purchase it. We lost my grandparent within the last year and this was their favourite saying - we’d be playing a board game or washing up and they’d always as “are we having fun yet?” So I brought this to put a smile on my face every time I wear it. I also saw another slogan T in the sale - both great for just tucking into jeans or under a slouchy cardigan. 

Final bits of clothing are these jumpers from New Look - all less than £10! (Literally wearing the mustard one as I speak) Super comfy and was determined to add a little colour into my wardrobe rather than looking like a goth the whole year round. 2 are cropped too so I’ve been tucking them into my jeans without getting that horrible weird bulge under your jeans around your hips where the excess material rolls up! 

Now for the exciting stuff that I managed to purchase on
The day! Aaaaaaaaall the bath products to get me through Winter - OBSESSED with the Rituals bath bombs which were less than £4 each on Black Friday and stocked up the bath bomb bowl with mini math bombs from Body Shop for just £1 each along with the new Christmas Deep Plum body wash which is my favourite each Winter! 

Also from Rituals I got the new Christmas Limited Edition Reed Diffusers which smell INSANE! I’ve already got the scrub and body wash in this scent so I knew I loved it so now I’ve got them battling the smell of “puppy” in my front room. The gorgeous girls on Rituals gave me the tip of turning just 1 or 2 over every few days rather than the whole lot in 1 go to make it last longer. Had it nearly a month now and still smells amazing. 

Also smelling amazing add the yearly additions to the Christmas candle section - I buy the same 3 each year but 2 had already sold out so I stuck with the Christmas Cookie as a large candle and brought Snowflake Cookie and Red Apple Wreath as the melts. Got a lot battling the smell of “puppy” and definitely helping me get in the festive mood! 

A little late than never but I’m definitely in need of a “life update” post which will explain the slowness of the blog (and general life going ins tbh!) 

What was the best bargain you bagged on Black Friday?! Let me know! 

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