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Lockdown Life: What I'm Watching

So the main thing I think EVERYONE has been doing during lock down is Netflix and Chilling.. right? Or TV of some kind, so I thought I'd give a few recommendations of what I've been watching and loving lately! I will throw it out there now, I'm not a big series, binge watching, have to pay attention kinda person! I don't have the best attention span and I tend to only watch stuff that I already like and I don't tend to start new series that are ridiculously long episodes and seasons. I did Game of Thrones and gave up after the first series - I couldn't suss out who was who, who was fighting who or why.. I gave up! So this is more for if you're looking for shorter series, probably a comedy but these are what I've been loving lately! NETFLIX : So... let's get this out the way. TIGER KING . I watched the whole lot in 2 days - the one thing I do love is documentaries and true crime stuff and just anything real life! By the end of it I had NO clue wh