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Mental Health: Pinterest

One of my favourite apps in the whole world is Pinterest. I’m obsessed and I’ll find myself aimlessly scrolling and food I’ll never make, hairstyles I’ll never have and home ideas I’ll never do. I have so many boards, wedding (as I can’t bare to delete it), food, drink, make up, hair, pub ideas, work ideas, home stuff, beauty room ideas... but the main board I use and the board with hands down the most photos Pinned in a board I keep private; Quotes. I see a lot of quotes floating around Pinterest and depending on my mood I’ll end up saving them. And while now, I do it quite casually, in the past this board has been a huge coping mechanism for me and I wanted to talk about why and how.  I have to be in the right frame of mind to scroll back through this board as it is where I go when I feel really low, upset or depressed. I can scroll through the board and go back to certain times in my life and remember how I felt by the photos I’d saved.. issues with moving around a lot, strains on o

Purchases I've Made Lately

If you're like me and tend to do a bit too much online shopping when you're bored, lockdown has certainly tested my bank balance! I've definitely made a fair few purchases to (what I'm telling myself) cheer myself up and just give my wardrobe a revamp, or maybe grab a bargain while I can! I've had to set my alarm a few times over the last couple of weeks so I didn't miss out on things like sales, restocks and even new launches so I was super excited to get a few items from all 3 - and a few inbetween. The first of which was a, shall we say, needed item, rather than just something I want. I managed to battle the website for the Gym Shark Sale and managed to get myself 2 new items for the gym drawer in my wardrobe. I had managed to get 10+ items in my basket but by the time I went to check out only 2 survived the chaos; a snazzy pair of leggings (pink isn't normally my colour but it was all that survived the sale madness) and a sports bra! Again, I normally

Our Norfolk Stay at The Gin Trap

I've waited to post this due to lockdown as it seemed a bit pointless but I wanted to write about one of the best places we've ever stayed in the UK so if anyone needs a weekend away or a little staycation then they can look into the amazing Gin Trap in Norfolk. We stayed at the Gin Trap back in March and it was really last minute due to the being stranded on our cruise. We had our pup Ralph in kennels in Norfolk so when we knew what day we'd be landing, we booked a hotel for the night before we collected him so we could enjoy one last night together as well as settle as much as we good through the jetlag and somehow get used to the new "corona" life as we'd missed the chaos that started in shops and such. We found the Gin Trap online while looking for somewhere last minute the day before we got off the cruise and flew back from Jamaica and we absolutely hit the jackpot and had booked what will always now be one of my favourite stays we've ever had