Mental Health: Pinterest

One of my favourite apps in the whole world is Pinterest. I’m obsessed and I’ll find myself aimlessly scrolling and food I’ll never make, hairstyles I’ll never have and home ideas I’ll never do. I have so many boards, wedding (as I can’t bare to delete it), food, drink, make up, hair, pub ideas, work ideas, home stuff, beauty room ideas... but the main board I use and the board with hands down the most photos Pinned in a board I keep private; Quotes.

I see a lot of quotes floating around Pinterest and depending on my mood I’ll end up saving them. And while now, I do it quite casually, in the past this board has been a huge coping mechanism for me and I wanted to talk about why and how. 

I have to be in the right frame of mind to scroll back through this board as it is where I go when I feel really low, upset or depressed. I can scroll through the board and go back to certain times in my life and remember how I felt by the photos I’d saved.. issues with moving around a lot, strains on our relationship due to work, bullying, missing my sister. I’ll scroll through the board and hit 7/8/9 posts that are all about the same thing and go back to a night where maybe I was upset or had been drinking and had saved posts about how I felt. I did it, sometimes I still think about it, as a way of dealing with it if I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone. If I felt like at 3am it’s probably not the best time to call someone when I can’t deal with my insomnia. 

The photos are angry with a black background normally or dull and boring.. but lately, there’s less black. There’s less boring backgrounds with very little words. Lately, there’s more pink backgrounds with happier quotes which take me back to happier times from when I’ve posted it when I felt positive. 

I keep the board on private as sometimes I can save a quote that’s more personal or will reveal maybe more than I wanted, but I wanted to talk about this as away of coping with mental health when you maybe feel you can’t call anyone, If you don’t want to talk to anyone. I look hack now and look at the places I was in mentally and I’m so grateful to the photos I’m pinning now, the happier quotes, the motivational quotes. I’m glad I can see that I got through those times. 

Here’s to lots more pink posts with motivational quotes! 



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