Purchases I've Made Lately

If you're like me and tend to do a bit too much online shopping when you're bored, lockdown has certainly tested my bank balance! I've definitely made a fair few purchases to (what I'm telling myself) cheer myself up and just give my wardrobe a revamp, or maybe grab a bargain while I can!

I've had to set my alarm a few times over the last couple of weeks so I didn't miss out on things like sales, restocks and even new launches so I was super excited to get a few items from all 3 - and a few inbetween. The first of which was a, shall we say, needed item, rather than just something I want. I managed to battle the website for the Gym Shark Sale and managed to get myself 2 new items for the gym drawer in my wardrobe. I had managed to get 10+ items in my basket but by the time I went to check out only 2 survived the chaos; a snazzy pair of leggings (pink isn't normally my colour but it was all that survived the sale madness) and a sports bra! Again, I normally go for black but at least this isn't on show. I've already worn both and they're both super comfy but the leggings are a new firm favourite.

Last week one of my favourite Youtubers; Soph, launched a clothing range with SkinnyDip. So setting my alarm again so I didn't miss it, I was super chuffed to be able to order 2 new jumpers and a t-shirt - all very much my style; oversided, celestial... and black (well 1 is grey). I was particularly excited about the launch of Soph's range as they did the collection in larger sizes too so even though I do like them oversized, I went for XL in everything to be safe - not sure why I was worried as they're actually all slightly too big but I'd rather be comfy than conscious that it's too tight. Certainly already living in them due to the miserable weather and still being in lockdown in Leicester - legit wearing one right now as I type this.

The one thing I've not brought a lot of through lockdown is make up - weird I know! But P Louise has been doing daily sales this week so I purchased 4 bright colour bases as I really wanted to expand my P Louise collection as well as be able to do some funky cut creases and jazzy eye looks while I still have a few weeks in lockdown to play with them! I've already used 2 so I'm super  excited to get some inspo to give them a go.

Something else to keep me inspired is some reading material - I'm not a massive reader so I did a fair amount of research and asking for people's suggestions. I have really been working on myself lately and desperately trying to make myself have a more positive mindset both for the present and the future so I wanted some books about keeping positive and also so I could learn more about manifestation so I can really keep focussed on my goals. I'm sure I'll keep you posted with how I find them.

Just a small purchase but wanted include to support one of the best boss babes I know - a friend has set up her own Wax Melt Business (QueenB WaxMelts on Facebook and Instagram). Tish makes them in your favourite perfume scents and it's safe to say I love them - my flat smells like someone has sprayed Alien perfume. Be sure to check out her page and support a small business!

Last but not least, my favourite purchase of the whole lockdown I think and something I've wanted to get for aaaages but again last week, Katy and Bones had a HUGEEE restock on their website - Katy and Bones (owned by Katy.. surprise!) is a website full of amazing creations made up of vintage and retro clothing finds and pimped up with other clothing items and even bed sheets for lovers of TV and Films. I knew I had to be prepared.. set an alarm, get on the edge of the sofa, refresh the website every other second. BUT IT WAS A SUCCESS! Buzzing didn't cover it when I managed to bag the Little Mermaid Jacket I had my eyes on all week as well as a cool Simpsons sweater. I'm awaiting their arrival but I can't wait to share them on Instagram properly with you!

I think it's maybe time to save some dollar as I've got lots of exciting training sessions I want to do as well as saving for future item launches that I'm planning! Bring on being able to go back to work to keep me busy!

Sarah x


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